THE COURSES FOR THEIR COURSES WERE PRESCRIBED The injury of Obrenovcanin revealed the BLIZANCE CRIMINAL RIGHTS, the shooter gave the only thing that DIVERS DIVERSITY

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Nenad Milosavljevic (41) Necko is accused of the injury of Ilija B. in Obrenovac this year: this time he was not saved by the fact that, as in the case of the 2006 murder, his brother Predrag was investigating, because he a scar got on his head!

Milosavljevic, according to the research, shot himself in Ilir B. in Obrenovac on February 10 this year, who received minor injuries in the bribe.

Based on the description of the attackers who had given the wounded and eyewitnesses, the police reduced the investigation to two suspects – the twins of Predrag and the twins of Nenad.

Without concrete evidence, however, the research remained buried because it simply was not possible to identify which of the two men of Milosavljevic had pulled the weapon. Both refused to admit the crime or accused the other person for him.

Their brotherhood was mentioned in 2006 when they were investigated for the murder of Jovica Ciric, 48, known as Joca Pedal, in the café "Zez" in Obrenovac. Experts in this lawsuit – who still condemned Nenad for murder on moss – thought it was "one soul in two bodies".

Prosecutors and police then tortured him to find out who initiated the assassination of Ćirić, and with similar problems they met in this case. However, this time, probably, the only sign of differentiation between the twins – the scar that Necko has on the head – has come up. After a new conversation with witnesses and the screening of recordings with security cameras, this was one of the most important proofs.

A precedent due to the twins

Otherwise, the public in Serbia has intrigued the story of Pecko and Necko in 2006. After the arrest of the twins, while the investigation was still underway, an unprecedented precedent was made to them: the brothers were placed in the same cell in the detention facility in the Central Prison.

How unusual such a decision is, the practice says that accomplices in a criminal offense not only never share a cell, but that they are not allowed to walk during the same period and that they are not allowed to communicate at all.

The board of the prison, but also the judge and the prosecutor, however, have made such a decision because the twins were so stuck together that they could not stand the divorce.

– Twins have been held in custody for almost two years. The investigating magistrate allowed them to be in the same cell, although they were accused of being co-perpetrators. During the visit of a lawyer they were executed together and they were not divorced, not even when they were brought to the Palace of Justice – their lawyer Miroslav Todorovic spoke with the media at one time.

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