The first man, "Granda", was listened to following a robbery Balkan Street – Official channel

Saša Popović

Popovic arrived at the public prosecutor's office about 12 hours, and they stayed at the hearing for about two hours.

– That day we were friends, we sat for a while, and when I got out, I had a number of obligations. Soon my wife came out because she had a recording, while the others went to the concert of Saša Matić. Nobody shut up the house. When Suzana came home, she noticed that she had chaos. She saw that there were no watches and a safe in which we held jewelry, documents and a gun – Popovic said in the prosecution.

Popovic's wife discovers whether they recognize the arrested: Sasha has interrupted his holiday!

We remind you that Stojicic was arrested on the basis of the DNA that was found in the house of Popovic. He suspects that on March 8 he fell in the villa of "Granda" leader on Bežanijska Kosa and stole a safe with objects worth about 150,000 euros.

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