THE JOURNALIST HAS SATISFIED THE UDES! Experienced terrible head injuries, doctors struggle for her life! | news

Sandra Denda
Sandra Denda photo: Printscreen

Sandra Denda, journalist "Pinka" was difficult traffic accident at Kovin when she started recording the show "House of the Heart".

As we learned, the Emergency Teams went directly to the scene of the accident and the reporter suffered serious head injuries.

As Kurir discovered, Denda was in the car with a woman, another woman driving a car, as well as a young man (20), probably a member of the family whose house "House of the Heart" built a house.

– Sandra, with her colleague and young man, drove on a Polish road. "Opel", in which Sandra was in the back seat, for still unspecified reasons, lost control and went into the 3 meter deep channel, where she rolled to the roof – says the source of the courier.

Udes kod Kovina
Udes kod Kovina photo: Курир

The ambulance crews who came found a journalist with serious head injuries and unconsciousness.

– Because of the position of the car it was not possible to reach her, so they had to come from the utilities to lift the car out and pull it out. A woman's car shaved her head and the scene at the scene of the crash was creepy – says the interlocutor and adds that a seriously injured woman, life-threatening, was transferred to the Belgrade alarm center.

With Sandra in the car was certainly D.J. which did not hurt, and on the passenger side was Alexander whose house was to be built.


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