The killer sacked the old men in the back and condemned her in the head: the body found his husband, the police continued to search for the killer | Telegraph

An autopsy of the body of Miladija Kočović (77)

An accident, an accident, a woman, a body, an insight

By autopsy of the body Miladije Kočović (77), who was buried in a village cemetery in Gosevo on the Pešterska Plain, it turned out she had been executed with two shots, one in her back, which was probably fired by the rifle and the other that a cold-blooded killer shot from her pistol on the head, writes "Blic".

The body of the helpless old woman he found it Isidor & # 39; s husband on Friday afternoon for the katun on the slopes of Mount Giley what they came together with his son they brought the cattle to the pasture and slaughtered the property.

My husband and my husband have found it sprayed katun of which they lost about 400 euros, but also a gun and a gun.

The police have been conducting an extensive investigation for three days, but inaccessible terrain and nerves make it difficult to find any evidence or evidence that the perpetrators of this brutal murder could indicate. Experiment will determine whether Milady was killed by weapons that disappeared from the katun.

The inhabitants of Gosevo and the surrounding villages are still in a miracle. For Kočovici they say they are a family of families, that they are in no way misled by anyone and that they can not even raise the motive to kill an old woman.

– Why would someone kill a helpless old woman in such a brutal way? It is said that their money is stolen, but they also say that there is about 1,500 euros in the katun. Perhaps Milady was caught by robbers who panicked at her not to discover them – the people in this village at 40 kilometers from Sjenica think aloud.

Gosevo is only a few kilometers from the border with Montenegro, so that the killer could escape to the territory of that country. For this reason, the police carefully searched for the border with the state border in search of evidence that could indicate it.


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