The Leskovians again hit the record – they made a 66 kg pancake – Society

The famous troika, who already managed to make the biggest citizen a few years ago, also broke the record on the "Barbecue".

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The largest hamburger weighed 66.1 kilograms of live meat, which is about a kilo more than last year, and when it was placed on the scale it had a diameter of 1.9 meters and a thickness of 2.1 cm.

Leskovci Predrag Lazarevic, Ljubisa Djordjevic and Nikola Panic prepared a big hamburger for more than 2 hours, and were all followed by hundreds of gathered people.

According to Predrag Lazarevic, they have not been specially prepared for the event this year because they already had a routine, and although there were no Ginis representatives this year, it was a pleasure and a challenge to make even bigger burgers than last year. The whole process took more than 2 hours.

Making the biggest pljeskavica now is already a tradition of & # 39; Barbecues & # 39 ;, so although there is no Ginis representative, we are here to make our own records. Last year the burger weighed 65 kilos, we recorded this record and we plan to increase the number of pljeskavitsa next year – says Lazarević, reports from the South news

Before it is baked, the meat is fleshy and the taste is the same as with regular plekkavica, although according to this Leskovčanin every grill master has a secret recipe for which his burger is very recognizable. Nonetheless, Lazarevic explains, it is much easier to make 1000 little ones than one big citizen.

Of course it is easier to make many small citizens than one big one. But to force yourself to move the border and do something that no one has done so far, this feeling is invaluable and that is why we will make a big hamburger in the coming years and try to break this record too – says Lazarevic. .

The hardest, adds Lazarevic, is the hamburger run, because according to the rules to break the record, it should not fall apart, but it must retain its shape.

The entire procedure, of measuring meat, preparing and roasting, was followed by an expert jury composed by Zoran Mirašević, chairman of the Association of Horeca and Tourism workers of Niš, Vuksan Mitrović, chairman of the Association of Kitchen Chefs of Montenegro and Grozda Stojanović, professor of kitchen.

Traditionally, after the announcement of the official result, the plasterboard was distributed to the gathered visitors.

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