THE MUKE OF BELGRADE WAS REINSTATED IN MONTENEGRO: Against the accused law of Sara Vidak | Chronicle

M. Sekulović |

August 22, 2018 10:22 |

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The drama of Beograđanka Sara Vidak (20) continues after the incident at the Misdemeanor Court in Kotor

The drama Sare Vidak (20) from Belgrade, who came to Montenegro for a small incident and during the close encounter & # 39; with judge Jelena Stanisic at the Misdemeanor Court in Kotor, ended with a drama in Spuž!

Sara claims she was greeted in an unprejudiced manner by a judge who caught her by the arm she was tearing and attacked judge Stanisic. At the Basishof in Kotor, 30 days of detention were ordered and new setbacks came.

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The basic office of justice in Kotor has filed charges against Vidak with an indictment for an attack on the judge of the court in Kotor Jelena Stanisic.

She has been accused of a criminal offense by abusing an official in the exercise of her official duties and is charged with a three-month to five-year prison sentence.

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Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Podgorica and the consulate in Herceg Novi In contact with Saro and the Montenegrin authorities, Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic and Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic spoke about her case to the public.

Sara Vidak is in prison since August 15.

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