The murder of Miša Ognjanovic costs half a million euros? Lawyer Luka Bojovic victim of third clan ?! | Chronicle

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August 19, 2018 07:04 |

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The murder of lawyer Dragoslav Miše Ognjanović (57) was ordered and paid half a million euros, claims lawyer Marko Nicović

The murder of lawyer Dragoslav Miše Ognjanović (57) was ordered and paid a half a million euros, claims lawyer Marko Nicovic, member of the World Association of Police Chiefs.

He points out that the leaders of criminal clans are never ready to avenge their rivals because they are rarely processed.

– He had such a lottery as a lawyer who changed into a gray zone and made a dilution that was in violation of the lawyer's ethics – says Nicovic and assures that the essence of criminal charges on the asphalt in Belgrade control is over the narcotics market.

Nicovic claims that the criminals are clear about the system because they are not afraid of chain killings and behave as if nobody could stop them.

– What further contributes to their support is that dozens of criminal killings are not lit, and it has not even been established who the orderer is. Unfortunately, the threat of processing is rarely a blocking factor in this war, – says Nicovic, pointing out that the murdered lawyer Ognjanovic apparently paid a head in the war of two clans.

The interlocutor adds that the clan war is a monopoly on the drug market

The ultimate goal is the elimination of the Zemun clan and the destruction of Luka Bojovic, who represented Ognjanovic – Nicovic concluded

Boza Spasic, a former state security official, is convinced that the murderer of Ognjanovic will never be found and stresses that speculation is that a lawyer was killed earlier when he noticed that he noticed someone was following him

– I'm sure it's only rumors that Ognjanovic some time ago complained that he was following him. It is worrying that the mafia bills were transferred from Montenegro to Serbia. Because there are few survivors of the two known clans, the question arises whether the third clan was also involved in the conflict? I think the third clan, whose name we will soon discover, is currently in a leading position, and my experience tells me that a new rescue package is being prepared on the streets of Belgrade – says Spasic and concludes that today's criminal groups can not be compared to those who were in the nineties and the eighties.

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