The priority is that families from Novogradska Brigada will receive a one-off financial help soon

Friday 31 August 2018

Assistant mayor Andreja Mladenović pointed out that after the ban on the use of residential buildings in the Novogradskastraat in Zemun, priority was given to families that had to be looked after. That is why they were offered temporary accommodation in Kamendin. He reminded the guest of the Belgrade Chronicle of yesterday's meeting in the city council, which analyzed all possible causes and further steps in solving this problem.

– In addition to the temporary accommodation offered, they receive a one-off financial contribution from the Center for Social Work on Monday, for an amount of approximately three average salaries to cover the costs incurred. Experts from experts have come on the field and when the causes are identified, the rehabilitation project can start – said Mladenovic.

He pointed out that Zemun is specific and that soil deposition at different locations has been registered earlier because it is a woody plateau, with delays under it. The procedure is accelerated as much as possible, but the results of the sample analysis have to be awaited.

– Only after the analysis can a full report be made and then find the solution for the rehabilitation project with the experts. The city is in the function of its citizens and will help her as much as possible – Mladenovic said.

The mayor's assistant also referred to the fight against illegal construction, which he characterized as "the cancer problem of our society". He said the city reacted in any noticeable or reported situation and that the inspectors were constantly on the ground.

– This is done in an organized way, illegal builders have found the system to circumvent, pay and obtain planning permission. That is why we underline the line – emphasized Mladenovic, adding that the city will receive the support of the government, the prime minister and the president. This result should yield in the coming months.

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