The reconstruction of the Republic Square has begun: here is what everything will change in 420 days (PHOTO) Telegraph

The republic square will be formed as a real city square, granite boards will be installed, barbed wire barriers will be removed, as well as about 150 physical obstacles in the square – Vesic said

Goran Vesić

Work on the reconstruction of the central city square, the Republic Square, has started today and has a value of 922 million dinars. The works will last 420 days and will be carried out in two phases, the first until 1 March of the following year, when the market itself will be processed and the next, then.

Vesic has issued a building permit for the construction of "Dedinje 2", says Bojic – In this hospital the waiting list goes to the past (PHOTO)

According to deputy mayor Goran Vesic in the first phase, until 1 March, traffic is running smoothly, but in the second phase it is temporarily stopped because the works are running.

The republic's square is shaped like a real city square, granite boards are installed, removed barbed wire rods removed, as well as about 150 physical obstacles in the square – Vesic told reporters.

Vesic for journalists – Photo: Tanjug / Zoran Zestic

He explained that the works will not only cover the square, but also the Macedonian street to the Youth Center, Kolarčevo almost to the beginning of Terazije, the French street under the National Theater and Vasina to the National Museum Building.

Several new forests will be formed, along Kolarcev, Makedonska, and according to "Glass", which, as said, are an introduction to the construction of the Opera and Ballet building, which will be found on the site of the current shopping center.

Vesic visits the beginning of the works – Photo: Tanjug / Zoran Zestic

There will also be two places marked on the square with another stone – the place where the famous Stambol gate was located, as well as the place where the soldiers of the Red Army were buried, who liberated Belgrade, whose remains were transferred to the Liberation. from the cemetery in Belgrade.

Vesic underlined that he will work 24 hours and that citizens can see how the works are running at any time on the website of the Agriculture Directorate, because cameras are placed on the site.

Vesic visits start of work – Photo: Tanjug / Zoran Zestic

I expect the company & # 39; Strapbag & # 39 ;, which got the job to do everything on time. They have a great experience and everything is here under protection – said Vesic.


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