The retaining wall completely coincided with Corridor 10 this time. After three crashes, only a cloud of dust remained behind telegraph


Around nine o'clock yesterday, the landslide completely destroyed the approximately 500 square meters of concrete gallery

Predejane / Vladicin Han, - Gang - support wall

Photo: JUGpress

A retaining wall that partly collapsed on Corridor 10 during the day, today crashed completely.

It is a retaining wall that has partially crashed in the past five months, even three times.

Reinforced wall on Corridor 10 for tunnel Predejane again: emergency meetings of all responsible participants in the project

Yesterday morning, the landslide destroyed approximately 500 square meters of concrete gallery around the site where the new highway will be built.

At the moment of the collapse of concrete, earth and stones, there were no workers in the neighborhood and the eyewitnesses said that they first saw a cloud of dust and how the trees fell from the hill.

Nowadays, however, the situation is worse because the wall has collapsed completely.

VIDEO: New driveway on Corridor 10


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