THE ROD PAMTI JUNK CERSKA BITKA: The young men fled to war, not from him society

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August 19, 2018 12:55 |

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Minister Zoran Djordjevic on the 104th anniversary of the color pointed out that the best example of heroism is the 16-year-old Stanislav Staško Sondermayer, the youngest Serbian soldier who died in Cerska bitka

TEKERIŠ – Statistički Cerska bitka predstavlja prvu bitku in the First World War in which one country of the South Pole won the victory over the Central Forces. But for us the symbolic meaning of the Battle of Cereus is of much greater importance, precisely the importance that no statistics can determine, said during a state party on the occasion of the 104th anniversary of the famous Battle of Cers, in Tekeris, near Loznica, near the monument to her heroes, it is worth noting that this year's Zerzak book stated that "a great empire, the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, was directly attacked by Serbia," said Zoran Djordjevic, Minister of Labor and Social Affairs in the government of Serbia.

a country whose power and influence has steadily increased over many centuries. "

– At the time of aggression against our country, the Habsburg monarchy was ten times larger than Serbia, both in terms of territory and population, Djordjevic said – The freedom of the Serbian people has long been a thorn in Vienna's eyes The victory of Serbia during the customs war, its attitude during the annex crisis and its willingness to oppose the arbitrary use of force during the annexation of Bosnia and Herzegovina by the double monarchy, and the liberation of the Balkan peoples from the ancient Ottoman yoke during the Balkan wars, one of the main promoters and protagonists was the kingdom of Serbia, all of which contributed to the Viennese court and general staff setting up Serbia's destruction for their main war goal – not just its defeat, not just the attachment of parts of its territory, but the complete destruction of the Serbian state and the complete humiliation of the Serbian people.

As the brightest example of heroism and heroism, Djordevich pointed out, "neither officers nor generals, Stanislav Staško Sondermayer, the youngest Serbian soldier who died in the battle of Cersko". Although he was not allowed to join the Serbian army as a volunteer, such as his older, half-year-old brothers Vladislav and the much better-known Tadija Sondermayer, who will later be celebrated as the first Serb aviation engineer, Stanislav did this with his father. your hand. The student of the sixth grade of high school in Belgrade decided that, as his daughter-in-law Zagorka later said, she "escaped the war". A striking and rare example, although at that time much of the love for their homeland went to war. But he escaped war, not war, although he could do so thanks to the social position of his family

Today we are not obliged, as in 1914, to write glorious pages of Serbian history with heroic death, but is necessary to realize that our life and work will be embedded in the future of Serbia. Because today we have to deal with the land that has built us, so tomorrow, our children will live in it. If we respect ourselves, others will respect us, "Minister Djordjevic said. But first of all, we must know that each of us individually makes Serbia, that the state is a collectivity, not an abstract concept that has no connection or is in conflict with the individuality of the citizens.

And therefore each of us must give a good answer to himself, for what he lives today, at least as well as the reason our old people gave themselves when they died voluntarily. [19659008] Dr. Radovan Divnić, locoburgem mayor of Loznica, stressed that "the Cer and Tekeriš mountains are proof that the state and the people can be better, regardless of the difficult, sometimes biblical moments, when there is a real leader and leaders who understanding the relationships in the world and the environment. "

Today, Serbia has the president of Aleksandar Vucic, who bravely, with great reputation and respect for the world community and citizens, leads the country through difficult temptations and tries to do what is best is better for the land and the people, "says Dr. Divnik.

The state ceremony in Tekeris dates from before the paradox of the circus nations, which served priests of Jadra and Radevina.A cultural arts program has been organized

I am glad that Cers' fight is celebrated every year and is getting better, because our famous heroes deserve it, says Jovan Nešić, a Tekeris resident, the first neighbor of the commemoration scomplex is great in the eighth decade of life. – Because I know about myself, my people and myself, we pray to God every day for those giants, the most respected, because their heroism and agony did not exist, who knows what, today, us.

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