The traveling circus of Djilas again deals with lies and fabrications

Tanjug / J. PAP

Milenko Jovanov

– Traveling The circus of Dragan Djilas visited Zrenjanin today and tried to do something from his rich repertoire of lies, fabrications and deceit for a small audience – says Jovanov.

He adds that they have closed the borders with Kosovo and Metohija, and because of the policy they were pursuing, they became Albanian folk heroes, celebrating their press.

– Now they are seeking support to continue their policies not to have Serbs or Serbia in Kosovo, but they also have steam from the Katar embassy in Berlin and from various suspect types who are imprisoned in American prisons – said the SNS.

According to Jovanov, those who have called for the arrest of the president of the state, a coup d'état and a civil war, without any disgrace, spoke about democracy and freedom in Serbia.

"In fact, the one who dressed the children in uniform and spoke to them about the rights of the child in their hands and weapons, the farce would be complete," he added.

Jovanov said it is far more important for Zrenjanin, Banat and Serbia that, thanks to Alexander Vucic, the Chinese investor "Shandong Linglong" will invest 870 million euros in the construction of a factory in this city and that the job will get 1500 employees from Zrenjanin and Central Banat. .

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