"They burned in our eyes, we could not do anything"


2018/09/30. 17:27

In a terrible fire that broke on the Saturday morning in the Bor building in the center of Novi Pazar, two sisters died, while their mother in the hospital is in a critical condition because she is almost completely burned, we know that unofficially.

Fire in Novi Pazar

Fire in Novi Pazar, photo: photo: Youtube / RTV Novi Pazar

The bodies are completely carbonated. One person died on the spot and the other died in the General Hospital – says the source of the research.

UZNEMIRUJU VIDEO! Two people were burned on the terrace of the building in Novi Pazar

unofficial, It's about the mother and her two daughters.

The fire probably broke out in an apartment where a socially threatened family lived. The fire then spread to three more apartments on the third and fourth floor and then on the roof of the building.

During firefighting, a dozen civilians who helped smokers or members of the police smoked or smoked.

The scene was terrible, two people were on the terrace, a big flame behind them and at one point they were blooming, literally burning before our eyes. Firefighters and policemen gave water over them. Great tragedy – says one of the tenants.

The residents with whom we spoke are not satisfied with how the fire brigade reacted.

If there were no firefighters from Raska who came to help, all the apartments were burning – says one of the tenants from the adjacent building.

I do not understand that such a big city like Novi Pazar does not have enough fire extinguishing equipment. It is tragic to keep an eye on people and you can not help them. Great tragedy – says an older fellow citizen.

The forensic team must still be cautious and determine how a fire has arisen. The Emergency Situation Headquarters in Novi Pazar held a meeting and it was decided that all tenants whose apartments were damaged received accommodation and food.

Fire in Novi Pazar

Fire in Novi Pazar, photo: photo: Facebook / Asmir Bihorac

The Emergency Situations Headquarters of Novi Pazar and the city council immediately took charge of the localization of the fire. The Mayor of Novi Pazar, Nihat Bisevac, said the city provided all families whose apartments were damaged by a fire by providing accommodation and food.

– A great tragedy struck our city. We will compensate material damage to families, which is very large, but the lost lives are irreparable losses. We share sadness with the families of fugitive fellow citizens. We appeal to the authorities of the republic to equip our firefighters, we have paid them three million dinars for equipment this year – said Bisevac.


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