They claim to know who is responsible for the demolition of the wall, the new VIDEO gallery is null

Belgrade – Even after the third collapse of the protective wall in the Grdeličko Gorge, on the Corridor 10 route, we have not yet discovered who is responsible for the clearly sloppy job.

Source: B92, first

Photo: screenshot / first

Photo: screenshot / first

The repair of the collapsed wall began, although the slope is still active. A special machine projects large-scale concrete pipes that will form the basis for a future gallery that will be built on this section of Corridor 10.

The Concrete Gallery protects both the motorway and the drivers against possible slides.

According to the first estimates, the landslide collapsed about 3,000 square meters of this slope. While the official investigation into why this came to an end, the villagers, who were found 600 meters above Corridor 10, claim to know the answer.

The corridor wall on Corridor 10 has completely collapsed today. You can also see how the stones, after the fall of the wall, continue to crash.
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