Time is changing and warmer – JMU Radio-Television or Vojvodina


According to the prediction of the RHWS, in Serbia today, there will be fog or few clouds in the morning, and during the day it will be hotter and warmer in most places, with longer periods of sunny weather.

In the middle of the day and the afternoon in Banat, Branicevo, in the east and southeast of the country, short-term rain or thunderstorms are expected.

The wind is weak and moderate, west and northwest. Morning temperature from 13 to 17, the highest day from 23 to 28 degrees C.

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According to the weather conditions over the next seven days, it will be a little warmer and usually mostly sunny on Friday, and the rare occurrence of short-term thunderstorms is expected mainly in mountainous areas.

On weekends and on Mondays it is variable and unstable, partly with rain or local thunderstorms.

From Tuesday, mostly sunny with temperatures above the average of the first half of September.

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