TODAY IS A LARGE GOSPOD! This is a vacation for mothers and children! EVO WHAT SHOULD YOU DO? news

The Serbian Orthodox Church and its faithful today mark the Great Gospoina, one of the largest Christian holidays dedicated to the Blessed Virgin.

In honor of this great holiday, the courier presents you today with a prayer icon of the dawn of the most holy theotokos.

This feast day, when it ends, and a post of two weeks, is a memorial to the death of the Virgin, and the day it came to heaven, was the heavenly gospel or the sleep of the holiest theotokos one of the greatest Christian Holidays.

The dawn of the Most Blessed Theotokos or the intervening day is the day she came to heaven and gave her spirit into the hands of the Savior.

The lecture says that the Blessed Virgin was 60 years old, according to some sources, 72 that she had survived her son and continued her mission as a witness to many celebrated events.

As a holiday precedes a two-week post, on August 28, women especially go to the commemoration because this day is considered a holiday for women and mothers.

In some places it is considered that in the period between the two Gospoja, Velika and Mala, it is best to read medicinal herbs to treat infectious diseases. Trade fairs and national conferences are held throughout Serbia. A large number of churches and monasteries of the Serbian Orthodox Church celebrate this feast day as their glory.

The Lord, who imposed the fifth commandment in Sinai – Before your father and your mother, showed his example how to respect your parent. Hanging on the cross in pain, he remembered his mother and pointed to the apostle John said to her: "Woman, here is your son!" Then he said to the disciple: "Here are your mothers." When he cared for his mother, he died.

John had a house in Zion in Jerusalem, where the Virgin also settled and continued to live until the end of his days on earth. With her prayers, mildness, dishonesty and patience, she greatly helped the apostles of his Son.
Especially the time to death that she spent in Jerusalem, often visiting those places that reminded her of the great events and great works of His Son. In particular, she often went to Golgot, Bethlehem and Jeleon Mountain.

At her age she often prayed to the Lord and his God on the mountain of Jeleon, in the place of His resurrection, that she took it out of this world as quickly as possible. On one occasion she appeared to her archangel Gabriel and told her that she would retire within three days.

photo: Aleksandar Jovanovic

With great joy she returned to her home, wished in her heart, to see again in this life all the apostles of Christ. The Lord has fulfilled this desire and all the apostles, carried by angels and clouds, suddenly come together in the house of John on Zion. With great joy they see the holy apostles, encourage them, sanctify them and comfort them; then he quietly gives his spirit to God without any pain.

The apostles took the coffin with her body, from which the scents spread, and accompanied the crowd of Christians to the court of Gethsemane in the tomb of St. Joakim and Anna. From the evil Jews the cloud covered them with the promise of God.

A Jewish priest, Athonia, seized the ark with the hands of a coffin in order to overwhelm him, but at that time the angel of God cut off both his hands. Then he wept for the apostles for help and he would be healed after he had proclaimed his faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

The apostle Thomas was absent, again for God's promise, to discover a new and transcendental secret about the most holy mother of God. He arrives on the third day and wants to plant the body of the Holy Virgin.

But when the apostles opened the tomb, they found only a cloak and the bodies were not in the grave. That night she addressed the apostles – surrounded by a crowd of angels, and said to them – Rejoice that I will be with you. Aleksandar Jovanović, Photo: Wikipedia


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