Today it is mostly sunny and warm, temperature up to 30 degrees

Novi Sad16 Suncan day in the city photo Nenad Mihajlovic_previewPhoto: Nenad Mihajlović / RAS Serbia

In Serbia, in the morning, there will be short-term mist in the valleys and highlands, while the daytime is mostly sunny and warm.

The wind is weak and moderate, in the south of Banat, occasionally strong, eastern and southeast. The lowest temperature is from 8 to 17, and the highest daily from 27 to 30 degrees, RHMZ announced.

And in Belgrade it will be mostly sunny and warm with a weak and temperate southeast wind. The lowest temperature is 17, the highest daily around 29 degrees.

According to the weather conditions for the next seven days, until Saturday 26 September, it will be mostly sunny and warm with a maximum temperature of 28 to 31 degrees.

On Saturday night in the north and west, and at night and in other parts, it is expected to be dressed and refreshed with an intensified northwest wind, sometimes with short rain or thunderstorms, mainly in the north and west.

From Sunday it is cloudy and fresher, it is fresher in some days, sometimes with rain.

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