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In the company Fiat Automobiles Serbia cars, today, a week after the last three-week collective holiday ("feragosta"), stopped the production of the "Fiat 500L" model again.

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Photo: Fonet / Aleksandar Levajković

"data-medium-file ="×169.jpg "data-large-file =" /wp-content/uploads/2016/08/Fijat_FoNet_Aleksandar_Levajkovic.jpg”/>Photo: Fonet / Aleksandar Levajković

The current standstill, caused by the usual harmonization with the market demand, since Fiat, like other large companies in the world, do not produce cars for shares, it was announced before the "feragosta", and the production and assembly lines in the Kragujevac plant will be relaunched on Monday 3 September.

During the FCA Serbia Independent Trade Union, journalists stated yesterday that all employees of the company, in addition to those working in the security service, as well as the financial sector and marketers, will receive leave by the end of this week, with each working day, according to the Collective Agreement, 65 percent of the average monthly income of the last twelve months will be paid.

The employees and management of both trade unions of Fiat – Independent and UGS "Nezavisnost" – from production bottlenecks that do not like them but consider them as business realities, is much more worried about the fact that it is approaching almost September 29, when the ten-year agreement between the State of Serbia and Fiat about the creation of a joint venture car company, and that there is no information on each side about the further fate of that agreement. They assume that the contract between the state and the Fiat will stand until, as unofficially stated, a party will not withdraw from it, but they also want to officially hear that this is the case. Because they want to know if the state, tax reductions and other benefits will continue to subsidize the production of Fiat in Kragujevac even after 29 September.

They are interested in them and what are the plans of the Fijat Krajsler Group at the plant in Kragujevac, which has capacity for almost triple production of the current. They are also concerned about the recent shift to the head of the FCA Group, caused by the sudden death of the first man of this multinational company, Sergio Markione, and the subsequent withdrawal of his deputy Alfredo Altavil, who was also responsible, among other things, for the car factory of Kragujevac.

The management of the Independent Trade Union factory before the "feragosta" asked the authorities for information about the position of the Serbian government when the contract with Fiat is on its journey. However, the government has not responded yet for a month, which is the reason for the extra care for the employees.

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