TRAGEDIE IN BEČEJ: Two people were killed in a truck and collision with the car Chronicle

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27 August 2018 13:45> 15:04 |

A man and a woman were killed in a truck and a car collision on the Becej – Vrbas road

A 65-year-old man and a woman (60) who were driver and co-driver in the "golf 2" car were killed in a traffic accident that took place on Monday morning on the road to Bečej-Vrbas.

It would be a pair of Becej. The bodies were taken to the Institute of Forensic Medicine in Novi Sad for identification.

According to "News", a truck and a car collided directly around 9.35 am. The accident happened when the truck driver VM from Novi Bečej, who was on his way to Bečej, suddenly crossed the opposite tape and hit the car.

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Presumably he avoided colliding with a truck moving in the same direction in front of him, sharp to the left and directly collided with "wave". The bodies of men and women were pulled out of the car.

According to unofficial information, the driver was detected on the spot with alcohol tests and found that he had no alcohol in his blood. He has been arrested and will be tried on Tuesday at the Public Prosecution Service in Becej.

Due to a study that took several hours, traffic on this part of the road was difficult.

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