TRAGEDY IN ZAJEČAR: a collision between cars & motorcycles, a motorcycle injury (PHOTO) | Chronicle

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02. September 2018. 18:51 |

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Dejan S (38) from Nis was killed in a serious traffic accident that occurred at about 17.00 hours. Sunday in the center of Zajecar

ZAJEČAR – Dejan S (38) from Niš was killed in a serious traffic accident that took place in the center of Zaječar around 17.00 on Sunday.

Dejan S. drove the "kawasaki" engine and immediately hit the car "opel astra", for which the driver was Dragan T. (69), who tried to get on the road. The motorcycle was killed on the spot.

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The accident happened in the street Svetozar Markovic Street.

The doctors, who came on the spot immediately, could only conclude that the car driver had been injured.

Research into this traffic accident is ongoing.

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