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Darko Sukalo, 50, and his assistant, Lazar Blagojevic, 25, died during a terrible accident on Friday in Belgrade.

That happened in HAVARIA on Friday about 13 hours in the depot of the National Library of Serbia, in Skerliceva 1 in Belgrade, when toxic gas was leaked during the investigation of the fire protection system, Darko Sukalo (50) and Lazar Blagojevic (25) were killed. The owner of the company Empeks and his employee came to the extraordinary control, but they were suffocated under still unclear circumstances.

Emergency doctors tried to reassure unfortunate workers, but in the end they could only finish death. In the afternoon in the library building Sukalo and Blagojevic came in the usual procedure to check the correctness of the installations. The company "Empeks", in which Darko was the director, and Lazar fire technician, has a contract with the library and carries out a system overview once every six months.


According to unofficial information, two workers entered the room where the bottles are located. At a certain point, gas leaked out. Something strange is happening to other employees during maintenance work, which felt an unpleasant odor. Then the real panic took place in the building and all employees and readers left the facility lightly.

– Members of the emergency sector immediately came out of the scene with five vehicles and 18 firefighters, and when they searched the building, they found two men in a state of rest. They were handed over to the emergency aid and after an attempt to resuscitate the death of two employees of a private company, who probably did a fire extinguishing test. However, there were no risks for other employees – they say in the MUP.

The poison gas began to leak, and the workers who were in the neighboring room felt a strange smell coming.

– Because they did not have the right equipment, they should not have come in, but they called firefighters, who then went with masks – one of the employees tells. – When we started, when it started to leak, the doors closed automatically and all the air was sucked in. That's why they got hurt.

Lazar Blagojevic (25)

According to the people who were in the National Library at the time of the tragedy, there was panic because they had to leave the building urgently.

"We did not know what was happening, whether something exploded and whether there was still danger," says Milena V. "Later we heard that the workers were killed.

Employees of the National Library on Friday they were in shock. Another few on Thursday felt nausea and had symptoms similar to poisoning.

– As soon as we felt a strange smell, on Friday one afternoon we literally fled the building – says one of the employees of the National Library of Serbia. – Nobody told us to go. The scene in front of the building was creepy, people were stunned, some were unconscious and had to be taken care of in the emergency room.

His colleague says they have it on Friday about 13 hours was told to leave the building.

– Sirens have been heard. Plato in front of the library was full of fire engines – she says. – The users of our services went to the main exit. They did not give us, as they explained to us, because of the crowd, to leave that side, so we do not have the right image of what happened there.

Although information initially appeared that the tragedy caused a bottle to explode, as it is on Friday confirmed the authorities, there was no explosion.

Woman Darka Sukala cried in tears after she received terrible news

– Toxicological analyzes have been completed, but on Saturday we certainly will not work. I am very sorry that the two lives have gone out – says for "Novosti", Laslo Blašković, director of the NBS. – Users, employees or library materials were not in danger. The company, which normally checks the correctness of the system, came under regular control. And unfortunately something went wrong!

At the invitation of our editors, & # 39; Empeks & # 39 ;, a woman presented herself as Dark's stuff. She was upset and said for a moment that her daughter had gone to the library building because she was invited to come. At that time she had not received any tragic news yet.

The wounded woman Darka quickly arrived at the scene of the accident and at first the crowd was not allowed to tell her what had happened. A crying woman then went to the building and identified the body of her husband.

Otherwise the incident took place in the building where the fire protection center is located.

– The fire system is as old as the building of the Volksbibliotheek of Serbia – says Blašković, director of the NBS. – The building was completed in 1972 and opened on 6 April 1973. Since then, no serious investments have been made in infrastructure, depots and safes.

Employees have been warning for years that, due to worn installations, the worthless library library is left at the mercy of that time. Although four million and three hundred thousand euros had been invested in the major reconstruction of the NBS building, the most important thing had not yet been done. In 2011 the library received modern cafés, sturdy hardwood chairs of forty pounds, special floor coverings woven from the most modern fibers … and the books were left in the caves in unconditional deposits.

Soon after historian Dejan Ristic was elected NBS director in 2012, he warned that due to worn installations there could be a disaster with a tragic result.

– They told me I had to panic and I only sent the experts who had been warned to work on system maintenance – says Ristic for "Novosti". – When a partial reconstruction was made, during the period from 2007 to 2011, the government did not say what to do, but left the management of the institution to decide. Instead of the reconstructed deposits & vaults, which cover 14,000 square meters, the least important part – a customer service area of ​​approximately 6,000 square meters has been reconstructed. The fact that the fire protection system is 42 years old was someone to worry about. I warned how much I could, but in a short time, because I was at the head of this institution, I was not able to finish it.


AND THE VICTORY OF Mayor Goran Vesic expressed his condolences to the families of the wounded workers.

– The authorities will determine what actually happened – said Vesic. – I just want to point out that this was the third incident in the past few days. I call on everyone who in one way or another comes into contact with dangerous substances to watch out for.


In the apartment where he lived, Darko Sukalo was killed, in Nevesinjska Street, Vracar, on Friday There was no one. The neighbors heard about this quiet event of journalists and were stuck in information about the tragedy. Neither the employees at the Sukalo publishing house knew that they had been killed in the National Library.

– We have not heard anything. Now you have found us. Terrible! We know that he has spent this space, but we have not seen him here often – said the staff in the cafe.


In the course of the investigation the building could not enter and the readers could not return to the books they had left behind during the evacuation. As it was in the announcement, the library will be closed and on Saturday.


HOW the tragedy occurred will be known after the investigation – said Vladan Vukosavljevic, Minister of Culture and Information, who came to the National Library of Serbia after the news of the tragedy.

– This company is authorized to maintain the fire system and this was an emergency regulation. As I discovered, the last regular check was on April 22 and the next one should have been in October. The accident happened in a small room – said Vukosavljevic.

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