Vesic: agreement with notaries to only certify real estate with a building permit

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

I will insist that we jointly submit the proposal to amend the law on the transfer of real estate, in which we will fully define that the condition for verification of such contracts is that the building has a building permit, said deputy mayor Goran Vesić to the meeting today with the representatives of the public notary chamber.

He told RTS that this is the only way to introduce order in this area and that the state will collect everything that goes with it.

– Not the only notaries who are supposed to solve the problem of illegal construction, but in the city of Belgrade we think it should not be allowed to verify the real estate contract without planning permission – said the deputy mayor.

He recalled that those who build for free do not pay for land plots, taxes and other taxes, which has damaged the budget of the city between 70 and 100 million euros over the past few years.

– It is not normal that there is a country where investors do not pay their obligations and they can continue to build and eventually sell this property. Until now, notaries are obliged to check whether the contract has a building permit. From the funds for compensation for urban building grounds, for which the city budget is damaged, schools, kindergartens, water supply, sewerage have to be built … In this way all citizens are damaged because they do not get what they need from the city, because someone wants get and take money from the state. That is why we insist that this ten-year problem is solved, because the necessary conditions are now met – adds Vesic.

The deputy mayor pointed out that many illegal buildings were built according to urban planning standards, which put the safety of the citizens at risk.

– When building a building permit, there is a committee that determines the respect for standards and professions, while none of the above is respected by illegal construction. That is why I warn citizens not to buy such goods, because no one can guarantee them safety in such facilities, and citizens who live in the neighborhood because of extra infrastructure burden, as well as the lack of parking spaces, suffer. The state can only guarantee for those objects that have a building permit or legal solution – Vesic said and thanked the line ministry and all those working on solving this problem.

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