Vesic: An extraordinary check of all construction sites in Belgrade has begun Belgrade

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Loco Mayor of Belgrade, Goran Vesic, said that today extraordinary control began on all construction sites in Belgrade after yesterday's accident when a worker died

BELGRADE – Loco Mayor of Belgrade, Goran Vesic, said that today it started with an extraordinary check on all construction sites in Belgrade after the accident of yesterday when an employee died.

Vesic told the First Television that there are currently more than 1,100 active sites in the capital, whether these have been invested by the state or the private sector.

"At the beginning of July, building permits and site conditions were issued for more than 650,000 square meters, while last year the number was about one million square meters, indicating that there are a large number of construction sites in Belgrade, all the current locations where it is being built, including our inspection. but also the Republic Labor Inspectorate, which is responsible for verifying the status of employees, "he said.

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Yesterday's accident, Vesic said, showed that all procedures with the building permit were respected, but unfortunately the construction worker was not registered and the labor law was violated.

It is important that we all work together, because only in this way can all facts be determined, the secretariat for information said.

The deputy mayor said that such situations should be the doctrine of all employers to properly protect workers and provide construction sites in accordance with the law, both for employees and for citizens.

I expect that exceptional inspection supervision only warns employers of these kinds of legal obligations. The first basic public prosecutor in Belgrade formed a & # 39; special department & # 39; for the fight against illegal construction, which is encouraging. Also, after my meeting with notaries, we intend to submit a proposal for the name of the Real Estate Transfer Act, in which we will seek a ban on a license if there is no building permit or legal solution, he said.

He stressed that, due to the many prior checks, the building permit is a kind of guarantee that the project complies with the law and that it is safe.

Anyone who works without a building permit means that no one knows his project. This means practically that if something happens on such construction sites, no one will be responsible, and the investor escapes from the country in most cases, Vesic said.

The deputy mayor urged the citizens not to buy housing facilities that do not have planning permission because they might be cheaper, but not safe.

The problem of illegal construction has been around for decades, but we all need to work together to solve it. Only then can we become a well-organized society, Vesic concluded.


The city of Belgrade has never invested in the Danube villages, as in recent years, said deputy mayor of Belgrade Goran Vesic on Thursday when he completed the works on asphalting Vase Carapic Street in the village on the river Beli Potok visited.

He told reporters that these works are an example of how parts outside the city center slowly urbanize and get everything that every Belgrade citizen needs.

"The city of Belgrade has never invested in the Danube villages again than in recent years." In Zuce we have done more than four kilometers and the street and sidewalks, in Pinosava, about three kilometers, the works we end up here now in Beli Potok, from the church to the local community, are only a continuation of the work we did on the Avala road, about 1.6 kilometers long, "said Vesic.

It states that people who live there are finally given sidewalks that have a lot to do with pedestrian safety.

Works at Vase Carapic Street, which was run by JKP "Beograd-well", cost 20 million dinar, Vesic said, adding that public lighting and new seedlings are being planted in the next ten days.

He said he plans to reconstruct a whole series of streets in collaboration with the municipality of Vozdovac and that the next step is to pave the way.

"There is a tender for the purchase of more than 200 stops in suburban areas," he said, adding that public transport will also be adapted to the needs of people.

Vesic said that Avala will be brought to life because it plans to set up a ski slope, as well as many new content that, in addition to the Avala Tower, attracted tourists.

The president of the municipality of Voždovac, Aleksandar Savić, said the center was well organized in all Danube villages.

"Municipality of Voždovac recognized the needs of citizens in the sub-district and I think we are on the right track that the Podravlje region, which has been neglected in the last 20 years, is brought to life in infrastructure," he said, adding that it is still will work more so that the needs of citizens are fulfilled.

The President of the Beli Potok Local Community Dragan Ilic thanked the city of Belgrade and the municipality of Vozdovac and pointed out that this village was for the first time serious and qualitative.

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