Vesti online / Vesti / Hronika / 142 kilograms of tobacco was seized in Šabac

Members of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Sabac took 142 kilograms of tobacco in the list and cut tobacco with accompanying materials, and three people were accused of criminal charges for illegal production and complicity.

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In the apartment and other buildings in the vicinity of Vladimir, the police found 104 kilos of tobacco in the list, 38 kilos of cut tobacco, a tobacco cutter, a knife grinder and other equipment.

According to the decision of the competent prosecutor's office, against a woman at the age of 30, a criminal complaint was filed for suspicion that she committed the offense of illegal production.

Criminal charges were filed against men and women aged 31 and 38 who were caught cutting tobacco because of the suspicion that they have committed punishable offenses against unauthorized production through complicity.

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