Vucic and Djilas on Zezelj Bridge and Most near Ada

Dragan Đilas only stands for it twitter the commission published data on the price of the construction of the Zezelj bridge and the Most in Ada.

It was noted that the bridge at Ada was 996 meters long, 45.5 meters wide and that its construction costs 161 million euros, which is 3,552 euros per square meter.

Published in twitter It also says that the Zezel bridge is 474 meters long, 31.45 in width and costs 54 million euros, or 3,622 euros per square meter.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic responded to a journalist's question about Dragan Djilas' comment that the bridge of Zezelj is more expensive than that of Ada, and said that Djilas, which he said was one of the three largest magnates in Serbia, admitted that "theft was 300 million euros when he said the bridge over Ada cost 161 million euros."

As Vucic said, the bridge at Ada cost 460 million euros, and in response to the words of the former mayor of Belgrade that 300 million went to the roads, he asked: "which access roads cost 300 million euros?"

To comment on Dragan Djilas, who told N1 that they were "in the Alliance for Serbia", they could all be Vesići, but they did not accept it, Vučić said that Goran Vesić and Đilas are not even comparable.

Vucic said that Vesic, who was in the DS in the nineties, fought for his ideas, while, as he said, Djilas had "no idea". He said Vesic was not rich then and that he thought he was not even now.

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