Vucic visits work on the southern line of Corridor 10: we will build the most beautiful highway in this part of Europe (PHOTO) (VIDEO) | Telegraph

He visited the construction site with the director of the Corridor, Zoran Babic, who showed him how the works arrived

Serbian president Aleksandar Vucic visited the southern branch of Corridor 10, on the part of Gornje Polje-Caricina Dolina near Predejane, where he had the opportunity to see when the works arrived.

Vucic, along with Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Construction Zoran Mihajlovic and others. the director of the Corridor of Serbia, Zoran Babic, as well as representatives of the media, passed the route of the future highway.

We are here in the Grdelicka Gorge, in my opinion the most difficult part of the road that leads to the border with Macedonia. First, I want to thank the guys who work day and night to come this way – said President Vucic at the beginning of his speech.

He pointed out that it was an extremely "heavy" part and that the whole hill was now being demolished, which must be removed to continue the work.

There are 300,000 cubic meters of land, there is a problem with a retaining wall hanging on the edge, so miners have a problem – he explained, as he said, what the builders told him.

President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, visited the southern arm of the Corridor 10-PHOTO: TANJUG / SAVA RADOVANOVIC

And this is exactly the biggest problem, because there is a danger of landslides, which can result in a possible delay in the completion of works.

I expect you to see changes in the works in the coming days, but the most important thing we need to do is make sure that this highway is safe. That is why it is important that this task is completed, not only quickly but also successfully – said the President and noted with regard to the deadline that the plan must be completed by the end of the year, so if it does not exist, and if it is until the end of January, "no crown will fall from the head".

The most important thing is to ensure that people can count on security, and we will keep them within the limits required by the contract. – Said the president.

These people will go down in history because they have turned around and made the worst highway through Serbia – PHOTO: TANJUG / SAVA RADOVANOVIC

These people will, we say, go down in history because they drove through and made the heaviest highway through Serbia, and comparisons have indicated that 30 kilometers of roads through Grdelica are 200 – 250 km by Vojvodina.

He remembered that his predecessors & # 39; spoke tales & # 39; and that no one dared to work on this part.

We hear that this will be built 70 years and we were the first to start building, we will finish it and we will build one of the most beautiful motorways in Europe. This is the way life means for Southern Serbia. This is a path that means more investors for each of our locations south of here. I believe and I am convinced that you will do your best to finish it. A large investor comes to the south of Serbia, a global company – said Vucic.

This is a road that means living for South Serbia and more investors for every our city south of here – PHOTO: TANJUG / SAVA RADOVANOVIC

He suggested that he believed that the works would be successfully completed and that the inhabitants of southern Serbia expect to announce by the end of the year that a large investor, a world-famous company, will come to the south of Serbia, and that there will be no problems with the development of the south.

On the Corridor 10 road at Predejane the rehabilitation of the supporting structure and the preparation of the wells for the deep foundation of the future gallery began, which will also ensure the place where the retaining wall was demolished on August 19.

The company, as subcontractor, "Integral" of the Republic of Srpska, who has experience in working in such areas, is involved in this company.

As discussed, options for removing the damaged part of the slope are also considered.

The bend above the right-hand lane of the motorway was destabilized for the Predejane tunnel, where the supporting structure and destabilization of part of the protective slope, with a total length of 725 meters, was damaged in the length of 50 meters.

Preparation of wells for a deep foundation of the future gallery is in progress, which also provides the place where the retaining wall collapsed – PHOTO: TANJUG / SAVA RADOVANOVIC

Three of the six sections of the motorway were completed in the Grdelica gorge: Tunnel Predejane, as well as parts 5 and 6, which are located in front of and behind the Manila tunnel.

Work on the construction of the left tunnel tube in the Manila tunnel length of 1,808 meters has been completed, while work on the correct tunnel tube will be completed in October of this year.


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