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02. September 2018. 15:06> 15:17 |

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Serbian president Aleksandar Vucic visited today the works on the southern branch of Corridor 10, on the part of Gornje Polje-Caricina Dolina at Predejane.

Serbian president Aleksandar Vucic visited today the works on the southern branch of Corridor 10, on the part of Gornje Polje-Caricina Dolina at Predejane.

After the tour, the president said that he thanked the employees who worked day after day to build a beautiful highway.

– We Serbs when we start campaigning against someone, instead of dominating people who do the hardest job, we lead the most brutal campaign. I am grateful to those who took responsibility because people will no longer do this. I am therefore grateful to the people who will start tomorrow with a new solution to devastate this hill and go to work. They will make that decision if I expect you to see a big change tomorrow. The most important thing is that we make every effort to make this motorway safe and secure – said Vucic.

He emphasized that not only the speed of departure and arrival is important, but that it is important that people are less hungry and that people are just as safe as on a new highway.

– I thank people who work on this most difficult part. Fairytales about this section have been told, we hear that this will be built since the 70s, we have started building, we will finish it and we will build one of the most beautiful motorways in Europe. I wish you good luck, please be sure, if it does not matter, so a month or two later, or what is important, everything is safe. I wish you good luck and to achieve the best possible results in the future. This is the way life means for Southern Serbia. This is a path that means more investors for each of our locations south of here. I believe and I am convinced that you will do your best to finish it. A big investor comes south of Serbia, a global company – said Vucic.

Asked by the journalist what it means a month before or after and when the highway will be completed, the president said that this would probably be at the end of the year.

– We said it will be by the end of the year. That's why I said, you try, and if nobody is crowned with a head of the trap by the end of January, "said Vucic, stressing that safety is the most important thing.

Vucic, along with Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Construction Zoran Mihajlovic and others. Director of the Corridor of Serbia Zoran Babic, as well as representatives of the media, passed the route of the future highway.

On the Corridor 10 road at Predejane the rehabilitation of the supporting structure and the preparation of the wells for the deep foundation of the future gallery began, which will also ensure the place where the retaining wall was demolished on August 19.

The company, as subcontractor, "Integral" of the Republic of Srpska, who has experience in working in such areas, is involved in this company.

At the so-called. Slopes 2 undergo cleansing works on rocks and trees that are submerged, access roads work in the upper part of the slope and a part of the platform for the drilling installation is prepared.

Options are also considered for removing the damaged part of the slope.

The bend above the right-hand section of the motorway was destabilized for the Predejane tunnel, where the support structure and the destabilization of part of the protective slope, with a total length of 725 meters, were damaged in the length of 50 meters.

Three of the six sections of the motorway were completed in the Grdelica gorge: Tunnel Predejane, as well as parts 5 and 6, which are located in front of and behind the Manila tunnel.

Work on the construction of the left tunnel tube in the Manila tunnel length of 1,808 meters has been completed, while work on the correct tunnel tube will be completed in October of this year.

Work on the lighting of the longest bridge of 644.4 meters long, as well as the bridge Dzemen 521 meters long, were completed.

Under the asphalt is about 23 kilometers from the highway.

For the other three sections, the degree of physical realization is more than 90 percent.

The Erehof of the Serbian Chamber of Engineers has begun an investigation into the question of who and how he designed and planned the protection of the hill at Predejane during the construction of part of Corridor 10, through the Grdeličko Gorge, where the supporting wall was shortened.

The project for securing slope 2 has been changed 11 times.

The competent ministry filed 16 applications against applicants who demanded that their licenses be revoked.

Contractor for this move is the Spanish company Azvi and the supervision by experts is entrusted to the consortium & Louis Berger & # 39; and & # 39; Egnatia Odos & # 39 ;.

The construction of Corridor 10 in the Grdelica gorge began in the second half of 2013 with the work on the part of Gornje Polje – Caričina Dolina and will be completed by the end of 2018.

The total length of the motorway through the Grdeličko gorge is about 26 km, and it consists of two parts: Grdelica – Caričina Dolina 11.8 km and Caričina Dolina – Vladičin Han of 14.3 km.

Apart from the two large tunnels, four large loops were built in the Grdelic gorge, as well as 33 bridges totaling 5.7 km.

The works are financed with a loan from the European Investment Bank and the total contracted value of the works amounts to 234.18 million euros.

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