Vucic: You will return to Serbia politically

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said today in Beijing that Chinese President Xi Jinping accepted the invitation to visit Serbia again.

"I did what I promised, President Sija invited me twice, and he gave the foreign minister the assignment to prepare the visit for the third time, which means he will come," Vucic said after conversations with the Chinese president.

"We want to see you in Serbia, Serbia has the best cooperation with China," said Vucic Siju.

He said that the conversation was long and that he had prepared for him for a long time after visiting Kosovo and that he lived for it, and he prepared for it, but he also had many problems.

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The president said that you pointed out that "everyone who knocks on the door so often will eventually open that door".

Vucic also said that Sija received an invitation for the second session "One Belt, One Time", in April next year.

According to them, this is only a second personal invitation to the world leaders and partners, and for this he was summoned by the head of the Russian state Vladimir Putin.

"I've been preparing for this visit for days, I've shaved, I do not know if anyone has heard it and saw it, Vucic added that the Chinese president will return to Serbia again.

Vucic said President Si spoke emotionally about Železara Smederevo during the conversation.

"He said he was personally tied to the workers and that he was touched during his visit to Serbia and added that he would always personally take care of the business," the president revealed what was discussed behind closed doors.

The President pointed out that, in addition to Železara, which has the biggest impact on GDP, it becomes the largest exporter paying the production costs and the state no longer has to give dinars, and RTB Bor was the biggest problem for Serbia and the losses were big.

He said he asked the Chinese president for help and support for extra high-tech improvements in our country, ie for innovative technologies and artificial intelligence.

"I have some ideas that I have received after talking with Sheikh Muhammad Bin Zayed, they are doing something together," the president said and stressed that Serbia wants to find its place in those areas.

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Our goal is that Serbia retains young and developed people, that they can work and earn in their own country.

It was, say, the words about the industrial zone, and announced that it is coming together in China with the leaders of some of the most powerful Chinese companies.

"It is such an important gathering that I can not collect all impressions in such a short time." Our people are satisfied, some thought that I would not be so persevering, but ultimately paid off. "He said that who knocks on the door, that door is at the end, and opened it," President Vucic concluded.

President Xi Jinping said today at the beginning of the meeting with Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, in the People's House in Beijing, that "deep and complex changes" are taking place in the world today, and that in this light the cooperation between Serbia and China is very important.

Ginping pointed out that relations between the two countries are very clear and that Serbia is a good friend and partner of China.

"You are good friends and partners, and in the long run you work to improve our relationships and our cooperation, and I really appreciate it," said Jinping.

"There are deep and complex changes taking place in the world and in this light international cooperation is becoming increasingly important, and cooperation between China and Serbia is very important," said Si.

The Chinese president said he is ready to continue to support communication and exchange of views with the President of Serbia and to continue working on improving relations.

The President of Serbia emphasized that he was honored to be a guest in Beijing and stressed that this meant great joy and enormous hope for the people of Serbia.

"President Si, I taught you last year and you said this at the top" One belt – one way ", that this idea is not only the fruit of happiness and happiness for the Chinese people, but also for all other harods with entails, Serbia is the best example of this, because Serbia reaps the benefits of your wonderful and extraordinary idea "One belt – one direction" ", said Vucic.

On the eve of the meeting with Siji, the president of Serbia on Twitter judged that this is important today for Serbia, and that this visit is an opportunity for accelerated progress in our country.

The Presidents of Serbia and China will be attending the signing of two major agreements – a framework agreement between the Government of Serbia and China on the secured concession loan for the needs of the construction of the Belgrade ring road, as well as the contract for the State Concession Loan for building a bypass around Beogard on the highway, near Ostružnica – Bubanj Potok.

President Vucic announced that he would give a Chinese counterparty a new idea of ​​the cooperation between the two countries he did not want to inform yesterday, and that he would invite the President of China to visit Serbia again.


Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic today received a group of students from the Serbian language department at the University for International Studies in Beijing, who said that the strength of the Chinese people lies in the support and knowledge of other nations.

"Knowing the language and culture of a country is a very important fact in relations between Serbia and China, but also in relations between 16 European countries and China," Vucic said.
"Your knowledge will contribute to the greater friendship between the Serbian and Chinese people and nations," he said, adding that "people are not attracted to the knowledge of the culture, language and customs of other nations." The Chinese people are a big nation and its strength lies in the support and knowledge of other nations.

According to him, even the "One Belt, One Way" initiative was not only intended to improve the Chinese people, but that other participants would benefit from that project.

"We love and respect the Chinese people, because it was with us in the toughest times, there is a growing number of Chinese investors in Serbia, we support each other in all international processes," said Vučić the students.

President Vucic has called students to visit Serbia and be his guests.

"It was our great honor that we had the opportunity to get the President of Serbia," the Serbian professor at the University for International Studies in Beijing, Hui Bin, told Tanjug.

Professor, who according to her name Helen explained that at the academic level 16 students are currently studying the Serbian language.

According to her, another 10 students learn Serbian in high school.

She also said that the growing interest of young Chinese students to learn the Serbian language, due to the growing cooperation between Serbia and China, and the need for people who know the Serb grows.

"We have a traditional and deep friendship between our two countries, there is growing bilateral cooperation and a growing need for people who know the Serb," ​​she explained.

Otherwise, Chinese students handed over the Serbian language card with the Cyrillic letters to the President of Serbia.

Students, under their Serbian name, wrote a personal message to the president.

"Welcome to China, dear President, I wish you a happy stay in China, I love the Serbian culture and hope to contribute to the communication and cooperation between China and Serbia," said student Mina.

"Dear President Vucic, welcome to China, I am so glad that we have such a good relationship, and a better future is struggling to have, I hope you enjoy your trip to China", wrote student Vuk.

"Dear President Vucic welcome to China! Thanks for supporting the development of Sino-Serbian relations, I hope your stay in China will be pleasant," said Danka.

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