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August 20, 2018 08:02 |

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Finally, the official schedule of our country is prescribed. We are adapting to the EU, which is a step away from the abolition of the move

In the European debate in CEEK, whether it is useful to move hands for the calculation of summer time, Serbia prepares the law on time processing. The goal is to guarantee a unique time on the territory of the entire country. A special working group drafted the regulations and it stipulates that citizens of Serbia will continue to move the clock in advance in the last week of March, exactly in two hours. And he comes back in the last week of October.

It is interesting that the last calculation of Law on time was adopted in 2006 when we shared the state with Montenegro. That is why she reported that a law is needed that prescribes how and when to move hands – in Serbia. And define the legal time.

However, our country harmonises its legislation with the European, so if Europe decides that there will be no summer and winter calculations in the future, we will also decide to adjust ourselves.

And the timing of the timing of the winter and summer schedules is probably indicated in the European Union. It is most likely only to see which schedule is accepted as a constant rule in the further calculation of the time.

Following various requests from European parliamentarians and numerous civil petitions, the European Commission decided to examine the position of EU residents on a regular semi-annual service. In a study that was launched in early July and was completed at midnight on Thursday, 4.6 million people took part. The EC will now analyze the results obtained and develop a concrete proposal on the basis of this within a few weeks.

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Although the decision has not yet been made, it is closer to the reality that the hands do not move more powerful, because the transition from winter to summer has more and more opponents.

AVIONI PO SVOME The law on time calculation does not apply to the time used in air traffic. It is, contrary to the time stipulated by this law, if this is provided for in international conventions and treaties.

An artificial time change has been introduced to achieve energy savings, but research into the EC has shown that the benefit is very small in this respect.

On the other hand, the health consequences are not negligible. Some studies have shown that as many as 20 percent of people experience problems due to a change in the time calculation.

After consulting with citizens, but also with each Member State, the European Commission will decide whether to abolish the increasingly contested directive and artificial shift or to keep the current system. If they decide to change in Brussels, they will have to break between or bend for the summer or winter.

It is assumed that, because of the coordination of timetables and simpler cases, it will strive for a unique decision and the same time zones. Certainly, other countries, mostly part of the EU, and Serbia, which will harmonize their legislation with Brussels, will certainly be respected.

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