White chest for mother and girl chronicle

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August 31, 2018 16:46 |

A mother and a baby were buried at a village cemetery in the village of Kostenica in Prokuplac and they were killed after a crash on Wednesday. Stefan (14) and Danilo (11) could not be separated from the breast of mother and unclean sister,

WHY my heart goes out – Vitomir Bogdanović (43) poked while his wife Suzana and their newborn baby, who lived for only one day, fell into the cancer today.

Along with the crying and crying, at the cemetery in Prokuplac village Kostenica today, relatives and friends and neighbors were released from Suzana Bogdanovic, 34, and her newborn girls, who died from injuries during Wednesday's terrible skirmishes. The mother and the baby were placed in eternal peace by the other in a white box. From the stage, the sons Stefan (14) and Danilo (11) of Suzanne and Vitomir could not be separated from each other, who could not stop the tears that left their mother and sister whose births rejoiced.

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– We were so happy that our mother would give birth to our sister. We even thought about the name she would give her. So she would want and pamper – Stefan speaks to the dungeon, while Danilo can not even say a word about his salary.

Desperate for the tragedy that struck them, Vitomir did not hide the suffering for his beloved wife and a daughter who was born with a cesarean section and who lived for only one day.

– My Suzana, why are you leaving me? And that's how you took care of me that day. You did not think about yourself and your injuries, but you wanted to ask me how I was by accident, "Vitomir exclaimed, whose words shook everyone's eyes during the funeral.

Suzanne's mother, Dragica, was most affected by the grief, so she repeatedly intervened with Ambulance.

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Suzana, who was in her ninth month of pregnancy, succumbed to injuries resulting from an accident that happened around noon on Wednesday morning when a "Mercedes" was driven by the "Croatian citizen Ž" to "Citroen", with whom she and her husband returned from the Prokuplje hospital. P. (43). Suzana was taken to the Prokupac hospital in severe condition where she was compared with a Caesarean section, and only a newborn girl and her mother were transferred to the Nis hospital in KBC where Suzana succumbed to the injuries on the same day, while her girlfriend died on Thursday morning. .

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