Who are the pilots – heroes to whom MIGs can derive their names?

"My proposal, and I hope that the Serbian forces will accept this, that these aircraft are named after the names of the heroes from the period of NATO aggression, such as Velickovic, Djuric, Radosavljevic, Pavlovic … All those people who life, "said Vucic today after receiving two MIG 29 aircraft at Batajnica airport.

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Ljubisa Velickovic, Lieutenant General of the Yugoslav Army, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Air Force and air defense, died on 1 June 1999 when he visited the units on the first line of defense during the NATO aggression against the FRY.

He performed all flying and most responsible command positions in the RV and PVO JNA and VJ.

He was buried on June 3, 1999 in a cemetery in his native village.

Veličković achieved a brilliant military career, in which he was decorated several times with high military honors, and twice extraordinarily promoted to a higher rank.

He is the holder, (for every pilot of the most commendable), the Golden Flight Board and the Flight Instructor.

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Lieutenant Colonel Života Đurić, pilot and commander of the 241st RV VJ hunting and bombardment squadron, died on 25 March 1999.

He studied in the village of Davidovac and Paracin. He attended the aviation gymnasium in Mostar, and he attended the aeronautical academies in Zadar and Podgorica. He started his career at Petrovac Airport near Skopje.

Since 1992 he has been stationed at Lađevci Airport, where he becomes the commander of the 241st chase and bombardment squadron.

He left his wife, son and daughter behind. Commander Djuric did not want Albanian terrorists in his hands, but he attacked the enemy along with the plane.

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The pilot of the Yugoslav army, Major Zoran Radosavljevic, died on March 26, 1999, the third day of the bombing.

Although it was originally announced that he had been shot at Loznica, his body and wreckage of the aircraft were found at Bijeljina.

Radosavljevic was considered one of the most promising VJ officers who would soon be graduating. He came from a military family, his father was a JNA officer.

The day before his death, he says, his mother, the last breakfast in his apartment in New Belgrade, where he lived with a girl and begged him not to fly.

"What is a man when he loses his homeland? We first have to hit the pilots on ourselves and save at least a child in this country," Major Radosavljevic said.

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Colonel Milenko Pavlovic, commander of the 204th hunting regiment.

He died in Valjevo on 4 May in a battle with NATO fighters.

The aggression of NATO brought him to the post of commander of the 204th Yacht Regiment.

On 4 May 1999, Pavlovic fetched a young pilot from the Miga-29 cockpit who was about to fly from Batajnica airport.

"My mother is a child, you will not be guilty, I will!" Pavlovic retreated as he pulled his colleague out of the cabin, and then in the semi-official plane on his way to Valjevo, his homeland, to meet dozens of NATO fighters and hunters, remembers the "Telegraf".

Twelve minutes later, his colleagues in the operational center only heard: "They have me!" His plane disappeared from the radar and parts of the MiG-29 with which he steered fell on the land near the village of Petnica.

Pavlovic did not catapult. The chances of surviving this unequal conflict did not exist. Immediately after the flight, the AC generator was canceled, which remained practically "blind" because it was not a radar.

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