With the support of the NBS dinar the speed is 118.0270

The dinar is at the same level as a month ago and is 1.2% stronger on an annual basis. Since the beginning of the year the dinar has increased by 0.4 percent.

2000 dinars

The indicative exchange rate of the dinar against the dollar is currently stagnating at the level of 103.2698 dinars for one dollar.

The dinar weakened 2.0 percent against the US dollar last month, 1.6 percent less than a year ago, and dropped 4.0 percent since the beginning of the year.

Since the beginning of the year, the NBS has bought a total of one billion and 765 million euros on the interbank market, including today's intervention, and sold 180 million euros to mitigate the larger daily fluctuations in the exchange rate.

The highest value of the dinar against the monetary unit of the euro zone was on 2 March, when the exchange rate was 118,0084 RSD for the euro, and the lowest was recorded on 5 January when one euro cost 119.0027 dinar.

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