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PRESIDENTS OF China and Serbia Si Jinping and Aleksandar Vucic will verify a special economic package of at least ten contracts in Beijing on 18 September, in which our state will make capital investments in the areas of infrastructure, transport, agriculture, industry and information technologies – "Novosti" .

According to our information, this financial arrangement exceeds more than $ 1.5 billion and is practically negotiated to a point. The rest is only to formalize the signatures of the members of the two delegations, during the agreed visit of the first man of Serbia to the most populous country in the world. The value of the "package" could increase significantly, if it is the most favorable assessment of the offers "Zi Jina" for the acquisition of RTB "Bor".

This extraordinary enterprise has a wider meaning than the economic one and is based on the strategic partnership agreement of the two friendly countries and the Chinese dragon aspirations to position themselves in Southeastern Europe within the proclaimed doctrine: & # 39 ; One belt, one side on & # 39 ;. Moreover, it proves that our country is recognized as a safe investment destination.

If after the rescue of Smederevo's "┼Żelezara", willing to seriously invest in Serbia, the Chinese have confirmed the signing of a contract between "Shandong Linglong" and Zrenjanin that invests $ 994.4 million in this part of Banat! Tolika is the value of the investment announced by the leaders of the world's largest in the production of car tires, determined to open a factory in the city of Begeje that will employ 1,500 employees.

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Kemen & # 39; s foundation is expected in April next year, completion of works in 2025. The agreement was signed by Economy Minister Goran Knezevic and CEO of Shandong Linglong Feng Wang. For the construction of the plant, the city of Zrenjanin has made 136 hectares of land available and the Chinese plan is to produce 13.6 million high-performance tires annually in Serbia.

It is interesting that investors from the Far East have fallen back from Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia and have chosen our country.

– We return our lives and hope Banat, to be rich, but also to make Serbia progress. I expect that on 18 and 19 September, during my visit to China, a contract will be signed with the company "Shandong Linglong" to build a factory in Zrenjanin. It will be in the presence of Chinese President Xi Jinping – said President Vucic, who attended the ceremony.

He pointed out that this was "important for Zrenjanin, this part of Vojvodina, but also for the whole of Serbia."

– The negotiations with Shandong Linglong were not easy, because for a long time it was decided whether this investment would take place in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, but it was decided to be in Zrenjanin because Serbia offered the best conditions.

A Chinese investor can count on substantial government subsidies. The president has not disclosed colic because this issue will be specified by contract, but he has announced that some Chinese companies will arrive in Zrenjanin.

– Serbia is second in Europe in the second quarter, immediately behind Poland, and shares third place with Hungary, in the first half of 2018. For us are Ireland and Poland – said the president. – The government debt of Serbia is decreasing and by the end of the year it will be able to reach below 50%. Serbia has the strongest currency for six years and is at the same level all the time and has a growth rate that goes beyond the expectations of both the IMF and the World Bank. In the first six months of this year, Serbia has 1.4 billion euros of foreign direct investment, which is 15.6 percent more than in the same period last year.

Vucic said that a large number of suppliers will come to "Shandong". and one of them is a zinc-producing company, whose representative was present at the signing of the contract.

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Feng Wang, executive director of the company, said he reminded that President Vucic attended the meetings at least three times.

– I would like to thank President Vucic for his help, without which this project would not be realized today. From the first day he took part, I saw a great desire to do something good for his country. This is a strategic investment in Serbia. The revenues of the future plant amount to 600 million euros per year and the products of Zrenjanin will mainly be supplied by large European car manufacturers.

Wang also thanked the ambassador of China and said that he made a big impression on him by maintaining excellent relations with the President of Serbia, adding that he represented the bridge of friendship between the two countries.


"SHANDONG LINGLONG" does not regret having money to penetrate the European market. He is a global partner of the Italian football club Juventus. That's right, the foreign media write, after Ronald, whose arrival in Italy was greeted by this giant, now has opted for Zrenjanin for further penetration into a huge, but also a very demanding European market.

"Shandong Linglong" sells tires in 180 countries in Europe, the Middle East, the USA, Africa and Asia. The group has 20 of the world's largest rubber companies and is among the top five in China. The supplier is for Ford, Hyundai, Fiat and Volkswagen. The annual profit, which represents approximately 12,000 employees in five factories in China and one in Thailand, is $ 1.5 billion.


The Chinese ambassador to Serbia Li Manchang thanked Serbian President Vucic for his commitment to the country's progress, without which he said there would be no agreement on the construction of a tire factory in Zrenjanin, and said that there would be more Chinese investments to be:

– I am firmly convinced that more Chinese companies will invest in Serbia. Be convinced, remember what I told you, more Chinese investments will come. I thank my friend Vucic, without him there would be no signing of this agreement.

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