You go to the village – they give a house, a job and a fixed salary

The Kovaevi winery provides shelter and work for three families from Serbia who want to live in rural areas and work on farms and vineyards.

Source: RTV

Photo: Thinkstock

Photo: Thinkstock

The employer plans to arrange a job, a house and a fixed salary for both spouses in the village of Grabovo, the municipality of Beoin (two families) and Irig (one family), reports RTV.

There are conditions to provide the selected families with a smaller area of ‚Äč‚Äčagricultural land (ponds), as well as conditions for the cultivation of different animals that can be used for the feed of the family.

Agricultural land (ponds), as well as the conditions for the cultivation of various animals that can serve as feed for the family.

After a certain period of probation and dating, superiors would be admitted to an indefinite period. Angels, rights and duties, as well as salaries are defined by company policies, as well as timetables for a particular type of work, all depending on the ability or qualifications of the spouse.

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