Zoran Marjanovic missed! A mysterious message appeared on the grave of Jelena Marjanovic!


2018/08/20. 21:40

Zoran Marjanovic, 40, accused of murdering female and singer Jelena Marjanovic (33), disappeared after his release in mid-July!

Zoran Marjanovic was released to defend himself against freedom

Zoran Marjanovic released to defend himself against freedom, Photo: M. Joshida

The acquaintances, neighbors and everyone say that Zoran did not see him since he was released from the Central Prison on July 12 and had the impression that he had fallen into the ground.

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– I have not seen Zoran since he was released. We see his father Vladimir, even Zoran's daughter Jan, but he is nowhere. It is as if he has gone to earth! It starts to sniff that it might not even be home, but who knows! He is surprised that he went to the park or the quay where he regularly led her. But now we see Jan just accompanied by Vladimir. We also do not see Zoran in the garden, "said one of the neighbors, who wanted to remain anonymous.

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Zoran reportedly left a message on the grave

Zoran reportedly left a message on the grave, Photo: Dejan Briza

In the shop, where Marjanovići regularly bought, they told us an almost identical story.

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– All members of the Marjanovic family are the most normal and come here regularly to buy, but not Zoran. Nobody saw him. Father Vladimir and others regularly come to the store, buy food, hygiene and other things, but Zoran does not – says one of the store's employees.

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The house of the Marjanovic family in Borca seemed deserted yesterday. Two family cars were parked in front of her and no one could be seen in the courtyard. Not even their dog.

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He spent 301 days in prison!

Jelena Marjanovic was only 33 when she was killed. She mysteriously disappeared on April 2, when she jumped to the dike in Crvenka near Borca, where she never returned. The next day her body was found in the canal, with countless wounds per head and body. Her husband, Zoran Marjanovic, was arrested 15 September last year and was in the Central Prison until July 12, when the court of appeal suspended him. A new charge followed and his lawyers filed a notice of objection against her. The Supreme Court in Belgrade confirmed the recent charges against Marjanovic, who accused him on 2 April 2016 of his wife Jelena Marjanovic on the quay in Crvenka near Borca. This is an additional indictment issued by the Higher Parquet in June. His lawyers complained about the decision to confirm the indictment, which should be decided by the court of appeal in Belgrade.

It only stands out that after months of the death of Zoran & # 39; s wife Jelena has left a new flower, but also a mysterious and emotional message. Two new bouquets with artificial flowers in glass were placed on the grave of Jelena. One is in the form of a tear with white and pink artificial rose, and the other has the shape of two hearts, in which red roses are, but also a white plaster figure of a small angel. A paper has been pasted on which an emotional message is printed in Cyrillic:

– The loved ones do not die while those who love them live – it is a message on the flowers.

It is not known who left the flowers, and according to the sources "Alo!". The suspicion is that Zoran did it.

– Two fused hearts are something that associates love. In one of them there is an angel. It is suspected that Zoran has left it – says the source close to the family.

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The house of Marjanovic was left empty

The house of the Marjanovic family was thin, photo: Dejan Briza

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After less than ten months, how much Zoran was in prison, he was released on July 12. The car of his lawyer was taken to his home in Borca, where the youngest Jana was dressed, walking with a sandal on his leg to hug him. A day later he and his father were at the gates, looking at the guest, and from that moment on he was completely gone. While some claim that he decided to change the way of life and not leave the house, they began to spread stories that he disappeared with a net, since he had complete freedom of movement, although he was prosecuted for suspicion of killing his wife Jelena.

Four years ago he buried his son Nicholas (2) after two years and his wife for leukemia and now left the daughter (9)


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