Zrenjanin – a free zone for new jobs

The free zone "Zrenjanin" has been awarded several times as one of the best free zones in Europe and stood in 2015 at the eight best locations in the world for support at start-up.

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Within this space the operating costs are up to 40 percent lower and users of the zone can rent, buy or build production, business and storage facilities.

The most recent recognition of success is the recent arrival of the Chinese company "Shandong Linglong", which concluded an agreement with the government of Serbia on the construction of a tire factory in which $ 950 million will be invested and where 1,500 people will work.

The planned production amounts to 13 million tires per year.

"Zrenjanin has an industrial zone of 550 hectares, a small town that can offer it, and we can," Mayor Cedrjan Janjic told Mayor Tanjug.

The free zone "Zrenjanin" consists of three locations: Flower Street, Bagljaš and Ečka.

"We talked with the Chinese for more than a year, and the president of the republic led these talks, you saw the results last week. We were happy that people from the rubber industry, that is the Ling Long tire factory, brought their subcontractors, which An additional good news is the largest investment in Serbia in Zrenjanin ".

Janjić asked the question where, in the already known free zone, there is a place and whether there is an announcement of new investments, that there are places for everyone who wants to come.

"There are several advantages, it can be done in the regime of the free zone, especially for companies that import and export their products. There is a whole range of benefits, everything is regulated by law."

Sometimes Zrenjanin was a leading food industry. After economic sanctions, transition and privatization, an entrepreneurial climate has emerged with great potential, some of which still have to be used.

"Zrenjanin is an important traffic junction," says Janjic, adding that there is still much to be done for the development of air traffic, because the Zrenjaninci have an airport that is suitable for smaller passenger and cargo aircraft.

This space, he says, is also suitable for aircraft that are used in agricultural activities.

"The waterway network, the river around Zrenjanin, is suitable for the transport of goods and this year, after six years, we took the first steps towards the development of the port and the shipbuilding industry."

The mayor of Zrenjanin points out that the biggest problem is the departure of young people from the country, but that the economic activities so far can slow down this unfavorable demographic trend.

Otherwise, the companies that operate in the free zone of Serbia (there are 14 and the intention is yet to form one) made 5 billion euro turnover last year.

Every year they employ 3,000 new employees, and it is expected that 50,000 workers will join the country's accession to the European Union.

Only 30 years ago there were only 200 free zones in the world and today this number has reached about 3500 in 147 countries in the world where companies import raw materials and export goods under more favorable conditions.

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