A TRICK TO BE DELIVERED: It hurts for the people you love PIGS CIGARETE, and this way you will forever make them STYLIZED! | pleasure

Everyone who smokes (or smokes) knows how difficult it is to leave cigarettes. If people want to convince you to stop smoking, the situation can be developed in two possible directions: either you will all struggle with a dead name, or you will start to hide to smoke, to get them out of the door.

The results of the new research have shown that this "increase" and the creation of a sense of guilt smokers actually helps to let cigarettes stand. And there is a waitress & # 39 ;: the focus should be on what smoking people love, not how much they hurt themselves.

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So if you want someone you want to convince him to stop smoking, remind him how much passive smoking affects your health. There are 250 carcinogens or toxic substances in tobacco smoke, so both smokers and those who spend time with them are equally at risk.

"Passive smoking", ie exposure to tobacco smoke can lead to a severe form of acute and chronic heart disease. Duvani smoke causes bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma …

The World Health Organization says that adequate protection against passive smoking is the only environment in which tobacco smoke is completely absent, because scientific evidence is clear: there is no safe level of exposure to tobacco smoke.

To support the results of this study there is a previous study, in which as many as 28 percent of the smokers who participated quit smoking after being introduced in detail by scientists about the health effects of their pets with tobacco smoke. In this particular case, it is worth it to be a bit selfish. Think of the smokers you love how much their habit does.

photo: Profimedia

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