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Aerodrom Nikola Tesla shares on the investor's behalf

The total trade turnover amounted to 350.7 million dinars (2.9 million euros).

Index of the most liquid stocks, BELEX15, rose by half a percent to 744.97 points, while BELEXline rose by 0.4% to 1,566.6 points.

Nowadays the most attractive effects were the Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport, which was traded for RSD 31.4 million with the price increase of 0.3 percent to RSD 1.710.

Serbia's oil industry weakened by 0.1 percent to 680 dinars, with sales of 4.0 million, and the same price decline was noted by the shares of Gornji Milanovac Metalac, which closed trading at the level of 2,012 dinars, with a realization of 0, 8 million dinars.

The manufacturer and distributor of technical gas, Messer Tehnogas, stood at the forefront of the loser list, weakened by about half a percent to 10,750 dinars, with a trade of 0.4 million dinars.

The average share price of Komercijalna Banka rose by 1.8 percent to 2,140 dinar, with less trading, while Energoprojekt Holding led the winners with a jump of 4.3 percent to 679 dinars, with a negligible turnover.

Among the winners, the tobacco industry "Filip Moris" was favored with a growth of 2.1 percent to 3,480 dinar, but with more than symbolic realization, as well as Fintel Energy, which, despite weak trading, closed the trading day with a profit of 0, 2 percent, to 511 dinars.

Foreign investors had a share of 46.74 percent of the total turnover on the stock market, with 7.74 percent of purchases and 85.75 percent of sales.

Two series of government bonds of the Republic of Serbia, one dinar and others expressed in euros, together recorded a turnover of 313.8 million RSD.

The RSD bonds of the series RSO1488, to be collected in September 2021, were traded for 287.5 million dinars and the bond in euros RSO16137, with due date in May 2026, realized 26.3 million dinars (0, 2 million euros). ).

Foreign investors had a 50 percent share in the bond market.

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