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We are already used to listening to the amazing rumors and gossip when it comes to the famous people, and the newest in the series Beyonce, for which it was announced that her younger sister Solange is actually a daughter, and that the singer is not 37 years old, as she claims, but seven others!

These speculations were initiated by the former employee of Bion, who claims that the pop giant Solange gave birth at a young age. Apparently she was born as a teenager of 12 or 13 years old and her parents raised two as sisters.

"Her cousin told me that Beyoncé Solange was a mother, and she told me in confidence when we were talking about teenage pregnancies. The cousin is not a sarcastic guy, so I doubt she would come up with something so outrageous", a source told the British Mirror.

So you kicked him?

He added that the pop star was not born in 1981 as it is presented.

"I saw an image in her driver's license, which was on my manager's computer, and her exact date of birth is September 4, 1974"said the source.

In support of that leaflet, the actor also stated that actress Gabriel Junion, who is 46 years old, said on one occasion that he knew Beyoncé from childhood. Journalists suggest that, according to Beyoncé, it was 1974, that is, it would soon be 45 years old.

Beyoncé has not announced on this occasion (and probably not).

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Singer from marriage to rapper and music producer Jay Z-i has a seven year old daughter, Blu Ivy, and two years ago she brought twins, daughter and son to the world.

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