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Black Friday Reduction Games in Serbia, Black Friday discount games in Serbia

In CL stores you have received a discount of up to 70% and we have reserved for you the biggest game titles. There has never been a better time to be a gamer, because games and consoles are on a big stage – probably the biggest ever organized in our country. Not only do you have the opportunity to buy the largest current gambling hits at prices that are lower than 47 percent, but you have the option to upgrade your existing console or replace it with a new one, regardless of whether you choose a blue or green team.

The biggest hit of the game at great prices

We have chosen different games for you, the biggest hits at the moment on all platforms and in all game genres. For each of the games we offer you a description of the previous one, as well as information about how much it is reduced compared to the standard price and, of course, the link to the store.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 (Discount 28%)

Both critics and players agree that this is one of the best editions call of Duty games in the past few years. Black Ops 4 it does not have any release of the campaign, but it brings with it new game modes, which stand out with the charged action Zombie modeas well as an entirely new one Battle Royale mode, which surprised all players positively.

platform: PlayStation 4 and Xbox One
Description: Read
price: 6.499 dinar (about 55 euros).

source: call of Duty

FIFA 19 (28% discount)

One of the biggest football simulations, in addition to novelties in the gamble, brings Champions League, which she has taken over from the competing edition, the latest edition of the single player story about three young players, who have built a global career and a series of improvements in the gambling segment. FIFA 19 has satisfied criticism and players and weeks are already on the list of best-selling games around the world. If you have not played it until now or have waited for the right time to buy it – that's it!

platform: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC
Description: Read
price: 6.499 dinar (about 55 euros).

source: EA Sports FIFA

PES 2019 (33% discount)

Where is FIFA, there is PES, is not it? PES fans like to say that this is only possible Pro Evolution Soccer football, and that all other games are only simulations of football. Whether you agree with them depends on whether you played both games and from your personal position, but it is an indisputable fact that the new PES 2019 magic and the minimum number of licenses this season entails. Konami has done a good job this year, and how good you have the chance to watch an incredible promotional price!

platform: PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Description: Read
price: 4.999 dinars (about 43 euros).

source: officialpes

Overwatch Legendary (Discount 47%)

An improved version of one of the most popular eSport games and the official eSport Games of the Year (for the Golden Jostick Award Jury) brings you five & # 39; epic & # 39; and & # 39; legendary & # 39; skins, five original skins – & # 39; Blackwatch Reyes & # 39 ;, & # 39; Strike-Commander Morrison & # 39 ;, & # 39; Overgrown & # 39; Bastion "," Security Chief Pharah "and" Slipstream Tracer ", as well as accessories for other Blizzard games with characters from the Overwatch World – World of Warcraft. Heroes of the Storm. Diablo 3 and StarCraft 2.

platform: PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC
Description: Read
price: 3999 dinars (about 35 euros).

source: YouTube / OverwatchEU

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth (discount 18 percent)

The latest expansion, seventh in a row, in World of Warcraft brings the world after the breakup of Legion, in which the conflict between people and the orcs and their allied races in the battle for Azeroth. When a new era of war begins, heroes Azaroth one go on a journey to recruit new allies, gather the most powerful resource in the world to change the course of the war and fight on different fronts and determine who will lead Azaroth in his uncertain future. Yes, WoW the story is always great, and it's great this time and the price you get for a new expansion.

platform: PC
Description: Read
price: 4.999 dinars (about 43 euros).

source: World of Warcraft

Marvel & # 39; s Spider-Man (44% off)

PlayStation 4 Exclusive is one of the most popular games ever on the PlayStation console in general, allowing players to enjoy the brand new, complex and surprisingly attractive Spider-Man Adventure, the biggest discount since it hit the market.

platform: PlayStation 4
Description: Read
price: 4.999 dinars (about 43 euros).

source: IGN

Shadow of the Tomb Raider Croft Edition (25% off)

The final game of the refreshed Tomb Raider trilogy is also the darkest and accentuated, rather than the solemnity and warfare of action heroine in its exploration of the environment and tombs. Luxurious graphics, improved for the Xbox One X console, and especially the ability to adjust the weight level, will put the crown on the Larina trilogy, striking and powerful for every true Tomb Raider fan. This time you have a release with Seasonal pass-to, which yields seven DLC & # 39; s, a bunch of new weapons and clothing, original music from the game (digital soundtrack) and even seven unlocked functions, which are usually improved by the game. value Seasonal pass in free sales is 30 euros.

platform: Xbox One (ready for Xbox One X)
Description: Read
price: 8,999 dinars (about 75 euros).

source: Tomb Raider

When are discounts, where to buy, how do you get more information

The discount on the game lasts until the end of November 25 for online and shopping games in one of the ComputerLand shop (TC Pašino brdo and TC Big Fashion), and a discount on the purchase of the console is expected by the end of November 26, at ComputerLand storesas well as in Games. gigatron and Metro Cash and Carry partner retailers across the country.

All games reduced on the occasion of Black Friday look at the link! And not only games are reduced – up to 70 percent are gaming devices for consoles and PCs, accessories such as ranches, tables, chairs and other "peripherals", figures, hangers and small things and great things from other gamers. Yes, we do not forget a number of "bracelets" of games, older titles and aggregate editions.

complete offer is on this link.

Only console or console with the game, choose!

This year, in addition to the console, there are discounts and packages, so-called. "bracelets" from the console with the games, again the actual hits, which are offered at a considerably lower price than you would pay when your console and the game purchased separately. Also pay attention to packages where you can get an extra controller or another add-on for special prices.

Xbox One S
Photo: Promo / Microsoft

Xbox One S

Xbox One S: not only the console, but also the home entertainment center

Xbox One is a representative of the new generation console. Hardware is much more advanced than its predecessor Xbox 360 console and offers even better graphics, appealing to even the most demanding users. Just like the 360-pandane PS3, the XB1 pandan Sony is also "four". The Xbox Live service enables multiplayer with players around the world. More than 300,000 servers designed for the so-called. "max. performance"Allow yourself to find an opponent in your study using"Smart Match technology"But that's not all: you can easily convert your best moments of play into clips that you can share with your friends or just broadcast live. Apps for connecting with Skype friends in HD are more than easy to customize. said that consoles are more tailor-made "Millennials"They do not really have a lot of time and they want everything to be simple and fast, another big thing is that"download update"Plays in the background, without the user noticing it, you also have a Windows application and the Xbox One also supports mouse and keyboard – you only need so much TV and fast internet, everything else has this console !

comfort: Xbox One S with terabyte of memory, white
Description: Read
price: 29,999 dinars (about 253 euros, discount 23 percent).

Sony, SPS4, PS4, PlayStation, Consoles, Console
Photo: Promo / PlayStation

PlayStation 4: the best selling console with one of the best games

With an extraordinary range of games, which are already available to many in development, PS4 is the best place to play the most popular hit games and innovative alternative titles. Enjoy dynamic, connected gaming, powerful graphics and speed, intelligent personalization, deeply integrated social opportunities, with the addition of innovative features on the extra screen. The DualShock 4 controller offers new innovations for more complete experience, including a highly sensitive 6-dimensional sensor and a touchpad on the top of the controller, providing completely new ways to play and work with the games. With the new Share button you can stream video & # 39; s and share content with one click. PlayStation 4 does not impose any restrictions on games played on discs, so you can simply give them your friends to try them as often as they want – without restrictions.

In this special offer, the PS4 Red Dead Redemption 2 is delivered to the console, which we, as well as the media of the world, have voted one of the best games ever made. Why this is so – read in our description below.

comfort: PlayStation 4 with terabytes of memory
Description: read
price: 39,999 dinars (about 340 euros, discount 23 percent).

Information about consoles and connections look at the link.

Tell us your favorites and which games you will get this Black Friday!

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