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BUILDING PERMITS EXPENSES IN SERBIA: The capital drops the assessment? | economy

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May 13, 2019 7:45 PM |

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Zorana Mihajlovic warns that Belgrade must issue building permits faster. Vesic: There is room for improvement and for us impressive results

REPRESENTATIVES from different ministries are still working on & # 39; popping & # 39; Serbia on the Duing business blueprint of the World Bank. The joint group also met on Monday and the conclusion is, as Minister Zorana Mihajlović has heard, that this time the Belgrade secretariat for urban planning and construction matters needs to be speeded up. Deputy Mayor Goran Vesic immediately responded to the objections and pointed out that there is room for improvement, but that it was "impressive results" for them.

The meeting of the Zajdnic group analyzed the extent to which the action plan for improving Serbia's position on the Duing list of companies had been completed, which concluded that the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Mining and Energy , the Republic of Geodetic Authority and the Office for Information Technology and Electronic Administration realized or started implementing agreed measures.

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"We have the biggest problem with the Belgrade city secretariat for urban planning and development, which needs to be made considerably more efficient, because the speed with which building permits are issued in the capital is mainly reflected in the assessment of Serbia on the Duing company list – said Zorana Mihajlovic.

The meeting was also attended by the mayor of Belgrade, Zoran Radojicic, but the response was received by delegate Goran Vesic, who was in Brussels on Monday. He also announced that as soon as he returned from the Belgian capital, he would request an official meeting with Minister Mihajlovic to familiarize him with Belgrade's efforts and progress in the area of ​​issuing building permits.

– I understand the Deputy Prime Minister's concern about the speed of granting building permits – said Vesic. – The city of Belgrade issues building permits for more than one million square meters each year for three years. The number of boxes in building permits for 2017 and 2018 is about the same as the sum of all squares issued in Belgrade for the period from 2011 to 2016. Belgrade is the engine of Serbia's development and we make 40% of the gross domestic product.

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GORAN Vesic said on Monday that Serbia is the 11th in the world in issuing building permits, and Belgrade's participation in this result is the most significant.

– Unfortunately, there are areas where we are still in 104th or 79th place and there is room for improvement. In any case, we'll talk about it with the vice president, but not through the media – Vesic said.

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