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City threatens to leave the Champions League?! UEFA is clinging to the wall, will it really have to respond?

NYT: is city threatened with kicking out the Champions League?! UEFA is clinging to the wall, will it really have to respond?

Days of great joy in the blue part of Manchester. Siti returned to the title of the champion of England, for the second consecutive time, and the sixth in the club's history, but only one day after the big result, still softly blurred, all clubs were caught with disturbing news. It is better to say that they should worry about whether they appear correct.

New York Times, however much they considered it to be one of the most influential media in the world, is not known as a newspaper that often (or successfully) deals with football themes, but has swum in a strange wave of information from sources close to the European Football House (UEFA) so he talks about the reconstruction of the Champions League since 2024, brings news that Manchester City received a serious sanction for financial fraud: ELIMINATION OF THE LIGA OF CHAMPION!

The English football authorities and UEFA officials have been investigating Citizens' company for months on suspicion that many UEFA rules and regulations have been violated with regard to cases – not just finances – and after the last meeting in Nyon, it was claimed that the decision had been taken to chair the research agency, the former prime minister of Belgium. Iv Leterm, Manchester City will suspend the UEFA competition for at least a year.

New York Times further states that Manchester City expects a major legal battle, regardless of what it will propose Leterme, because the file from this club has been lost. There is also a trial for bringing young players illegally against the citizen, and Chelsea, Barsa, PSG and other clubs have been punished by prohibiting transfers in recent years.

The newspaper states that it is currently unclear whether the sentence, if imposed, will be in force for the coming cycle, for the 2020/21 season. The qualifications for the next season of the Champions League start next month, which will mean that UEFA will have a serious clash with time, because after the sanctions it is necessary to leave room for appeal at the sports mediation court in Lausanne.

The text further states that, in the case of Paris Saint-Germain, UEFA was once seriously & # 39; beaten & # 39; and has shaken his own credibility. The failure in another legal battle that would include the protection of the rules she had drafted would represent a new powerful blow to the European football house. And everything would come at a very inconvenient moment, when the ECA (European Club Association) puts a lot of pressure on UEFA to change the system of competition and the increasing influence of its people in the governing body. A simple tongue is said to be a very uncomfortable moment to show weakness.

That's it, he claims New York Times, another reason why the City should shiver. Because UEFA is becoming increasingly vulnerable and someone has to show their teeth to regain the status of an innocent footballer in European football.

Recall, the allegations of financial irregularities in many clubs have come to light through media reports based on information Soccer is leaking. When Manchester City is specifically involved, there is documentation that the club shamelessly violated the UEFA FA Cup by masking infusions from the United Arab Emirates through sponsor contracts. Firstly via Etihad. Etihad is mentioned as a general sponsor after sheik Mansur took over the club. But the internal e-mail was published by the German newspaper MIRROR Last year the airline said the airline gave the club only £ 8,000,000 out of a total of 59,000,000 as agreed, and that the rest of the club had entered illegally through the ADUG investment fund, causing the sheik to buy the city. ŠPiGL The reports also testify to a large number of contracts with which the city could play the UEFA rules for financial fair play.

NYT concludes the text with the conclusion that it is an aggravating circumstance for citizens that they escaped the sentence for similar offenses in 2014. UEFA then agreed to "settle down" by paying it from the City account 49000000 lb.

The magazine finally gives a practical answer to the question of how Stein Germain withdrew …
"UEFA and PSG have a very confused relationship, and the owners of the French team are also governed by the shares of beIN Sports, the broadcaster who is the largest buyer of Uefa media rights." So the club and beNN Sports are under the same pawn – Naser Al-Khaalifi. He was elected a member of the UEFA executive committee".

Let's take a look at City …

Someone suspicious to sign?

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