Djokovic – Zverev: Wednesday, 15.00, transfer Sportclub (ATP Final 2018)

Novak Djokovic spoke in superlative rivals Roger Federer after the start of the ATP final finals of the season, answering the non-pleasant question about the status that Switzerland has in tournaments around the world.

When he said what he thought of Zelij Beneto's claims, Novak could relax and smile when he answered the question that Cristian Ronald and his family would come to his O2 arena match.

"Tonight I played in the colors of his club, I'm sure he liked it", said Novak, who did not have much trouble with John Izner in the first round of the Gustavo Kuerten Group.


novak djokovic Djokovic
Photo: AP Photo / Tim Ireland
Novak vs. others:

25-22 Roger Federer

16-2 Marin Cilic

15-2 Kei Nisikori

9-2 John Isner

7-1 Kevin Anderson

5-2 Dominik Tim

1-1 Aleksander Zverev

Djokovic, on whose matches often VIP figures from public life appear, says that it is always good to see such a star at the tennis court.

"It is good for our sport when this icon comes to watch tennis, he came to the Madrid matches, he watched Federer and Rafa, I know he loves tennis, and that's fun", added Novak, who will decide with the decision of the organizer on Wednesday at 15.00 to meet Alexander Zverev in the 2nd round.

Both Djokovic and Zverev in the match in which the victory places round in the semi-finals, come in with a score of 1-0, resulting in a slightly better gem quotient from the victory over Izner (6: 4, 6: 3) than Zverev of the barely selected triumph over Marino Čilić (7: 6, 7: 6).

In the evening from 21:00 Izner and Cilic meet each other and the third round matches are played on Friday.

Novak against the other seven players of the former Masters Cup has a score of 77-32 and does not lead in the mutual matches only against Zvereva, with which he has 1-1.

The young German of the Russian was better with 6: 4, 6: 3 in the final of the Masters in Rome in 2017, during his career as he wrestled with a chronic elbow injury, after which the recovered Novak led by Marjan Wade the younger brother van Zverev in the semi-finals Masters in Shanghai criticized a month ago. It was 6: 2, 6: 1.


Novak Djokovic, Novak Djokovic, Djokovic, Djokovic
Photo: Tanjug / AP / Tim Ireland

In the meantime, a tennis player who uses Marjana Vajda as coach in the fifth minute, has returned from the 22nd to the 1st place ATP list (Queens – finals, Wimbledon – title, Toronto – eighth, Cincinnati – title, open US title, Shanghai – title, Paris – final), announced that the 2019 season will begin in Doha.

Sam placement at the ATP finals of the season is rewarded with 180,000 euros, which is worth every win in the group where four competitors fight for two places in the semi-finals. Placement in the final will be rewarded with another 550,000 euros, while an additional 1,690,000 euros will be paid to the winner. The bonus for the title won without a defeat in the group is included, for a maximum of EUR 2,410,000 and 1,500 ATP points.

Novak 2015, 2015 and 2017 started the season with these 250 Series Series, which were in the first week of January and until the fall of this year due to an insufficiently healed injury to the elbow, a 12-1 victory over Rafael Nadal in the 2016 final and Andy Murray in 2017.

In the quarter-finals of 2015, Belgrade defeated Ivo Karlovic, one of two active tennis players who played twice against Djokovic's bar and scored a better score.

After Doha (31 December – 5 January), Novak returns to training and sparring with the swinging template for January 15 and the start of the first grenadine season, the Australian Open. Novak won two of the six titles in Melbourne after he warmed up & # 39; was in Doha.

In the seasons he went healthy and ready, the 31-year-old Serbian usually made a break after the Australian Open to the first Masters of the year, Indian Wells and Miami, although it happened that he was in the meantime at the 500 Series Tournament in Dubai would appear.

Then, during the "slug season" in April and May, he only performed in the Masters in Monte Carlo, Madrid and Rome, or on the other grenade, Roland Garros. Last season, for example, he signed up for the 500 series in Barcelona, ​​tried to overcome the crisis and lift the form for the road to Paris, but it would be a surprise if the 14th & Majors & # 39; trophy this season & # 39; being overtaken & # 39; would be between Monte Carlo and Madrid.

By the end of Roland Garros and the beginning of the "season on the grass", Novak gets the chance to win a large number of points for the ATP list and to significantly increase the advantage over the first followers.

The 250 Series Tournament in Doha this year set the prize pool of $ 1,386,655 and the grand prize of 218,180 brought Gael Monfis to win against Andrew Rublev in the final – 6-2, 6-3.

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