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Don't get older, anger is healthier than hell

Anger and anger are more harmful to the physical health of the elderly than feelings of sadness, and scientists say they can stimulate inflammatory processes associated with chronic diseases such as heart disease, arthritis and cancer.

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Image / photo: Depositphotos / prometeus

Image / photo: Depositphotos / prometeus

These are the results of a survey of 226 residents of Montreal aged 59 to 93, according to the American Psychologists Association (APA) in Psychology and Aging.

Megan A. Barlow, Megan A. Barlow, of the University of Concordia, explains that in most cases anger is due to the fact that most elderly people are no longer able to perform all activities as they did in later years were younger, some were severely affected by loss of spouse and their physical mobility is no longer the same.

Barlow says the study has shown that, unlike sadness, anger and anger in the elderly can lead to the development of chronic diseases. She and her colleagues conducted a study to determine whether anger and sadness contribute to the development of inflammation, the body's natural immune response to infections, or tissue damage.

In general, inflammatory processes help the body to protect itself against diseases and contribute to the recovery of disease or healing of damaged tissue, but long-term inflammation, on the contrary, results in chronic diseases at the third age.

Scientists have grouped researchers among younger seniors (59-79 years) and senior seniors, ie those of 80 years old. In a week, the participants completed short questionnaires about how angry or sad they were.

The authors of the study determined from the blood samples of the people examined whether they were developing an inflammation in their organism, and they had to answer the question of whether they were suffering from a chronic illness related to their lives.

Co-author of the study, Dr. Karsten Wroh showed that the daily feeling of anger was associated with higher inflammatory parameters and chronic illnesses for people aged 80 and older, but the same did not apply to younger seniors. The study also showed that the feeling of chronic mourning in a group was not associated with the development of an inflammation or chronic disease.

Megan Barlow clarified that the grief of senior seniors can even help to adapt to the physical and cognitive decline associated with age, because it simply reconciles with the fact that some goals can no longer be achieved.

The study suggests that not all negative emotions are bad in themselves, and that they can become useful in certain circumstances, she explained.

He points out that the anger and anger of emotions that can motivate everyone to achieve a number of life goals, so younger seniors should use them as an incentive to overcome the challenges and losses of life that will ultimately help you stay healthier .

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