Famous Russian heart surgeon reveals what we have done wrong all our lives: feed the enemy breakfast

Famous Soviet and Russian cardiac surgeon, professor and academic of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, chief cardiac surgeon of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation Leo Bokerija, refuted the idea of ​​a traditional diet.

According to him, everything we knew about healthy eating is a lie.

She says: only breakfast – is complete nonsense. When you wake up, your body starts to get used to the working condition, and you sit at a table and eat a plate full of meat, a basket of bread and pour it all over with a glass of something to drink … work with a full stomach. Then you are hard on yourself … When we worked with the Americans, I found that great surgeons were at their best in the morning they drink a cup of coffee. They only eat a sandwich in the afternoon and call it lunch. In the evening he comes home, eats normal food, swims in the pool, reads and relaxes …

So, give breakfast to the enemy, lunch at noon and eat normally (but not in the late hours) and finally take a walk before going to bed or exercising. In my experience, people who live like this – live long and healthy!

This advice from a well-known Russian physician was confirmed by the latest research at Cornell University. Scientist David Levitski found that the people who skipped breakfast within a few weeks lost significant weight. He confirmed this theory with an experiment that aimed to determine the amount of food a person consumes during the day.

Half of the participants had breakfast, the other group refused breakfast. A group that skipped breakfast every day would consume 408 fewer calories than a group that had a regular breakfast.

According to this scientist, skipping breakfast can be considered a great system for fast weight loss. “I understand skipping breakfast contradicts everything you know about healthy eating, but the new data seriously makes us think that we give up the first morning meal in the traditional sense of the word. This of course applies to healthy people. “People who have a problem with diabetes and hypoglycemia should not skip meals to keep their glucose levels up,” says Levitski.

World Health Organisation still claims that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and someone who has regular breakfast has a good metabolism and no problems with obesity. That is. breakfast speeds up the metabolism. However, they also agree that too rich a breakfast can lead to obesity. But normal calorie intake and small meals several times a day can only help an obese person lose weight.

Here is what you shouldn’t eat on the recommendation of the World Health Organization:


Sausages are a tasty but not healthy product. They have the least meat and the most preservatives and flavor enhancers that can contribute, according to some studies esophageal cancer.

Instant porridge

To shorten the cooking time, grains undergo a special treatment that converts carbohydrates into starch. Add this sugar, which is used in abundance to enhance the flavor, and you get it very unhealthy food that presents itself as a healthy product. Read the statement carefully and see what is in the porridge, and do not add any more sugar.

Dried fruit

You have to be careful when it comes to dried fruit as some drying processes add some Chemicals and sugars that keep it from going bad. So take a look at the composition and preparation method.


Muesli sometimes has a lot of sugar – we often call it “empty calories“because it lacks other important nutrients – vitamins, minerals, fiber. You shouldn’t limit your breakfast to industrial products. Make sure to add fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy products.

Juices in a tetra pack

Industrial juices often contain a lot of preservatives, because they do not spoil. Also check the amount of sugar here!

Bananas and other exotic fruits

The fruit that grows in your immediate vicinity is useful. The fruit to be shipped from overseas countries has been sprayed numerous times with various chemicals that prevent it from spoiling. Such fruit can be dangerous – carefully peel, wash, limit consumption.

Processed cheese

Each additional processing of the cheese turns into pure fat that “beautiful“for intestines. Cheese is often used to make cream cheese, which can no longer be sold in its original form.


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