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Flickr limits free accounts to 1,000 photos & videos & # 39; s

After having been part of Yahoo for 13 years, the service for storing and sharing photos in April of this year changed ownership. He was then taken over by SmugMug's competitive service and now we see the first results of this download. Namely, as reported on the official blog, Flickr will significantly change the business conditions with free user accounts.

As of January 8, 2019, free free user accounts with this service are limited to only a thousand photos & / or videos and / or videos & # 39; s. So far, the restriction on the terabyte of storage has been placed, so this step seems to be pretty drastic. The company employs users who need more space to subscribe to Flickr Pro, which offers unlimited space for photo & # 39; s and the use of non-ad services for $ 50 (or $ 35) per year.

The company's new management explains that they are earning money for this type of money not to pay more and more through advertisements, thus compromising the wishes and needs of advertisers for their users. From Flickr they say that Pro Accounts had significantly more than a thousand photos so far, while free users in 97% of cases recorded less than a thousand photos there – so this change would not have much effect to a large number of users.

Onima, who now has more than a thousand photos on the free account, Flickr will delete the surplus, so it's good to have a good backup in time.

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