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FOR ANOTHER WOMAN SHE SHALL BE SEVEN WITHOUT 70 BILLION DOLLARS! The richest man in the world will lose half of his enormous wealth!

American Geoff Bezos (55), head of "Amazon" and the richest man in the world, is divorced for another woman after 25 years of wife McCenzie (48). For eight months he has had an affair with former TV presenter Lauren Sanchez, 49, who is married to his friend Patrick Watsel, one of Hollywood's greatest talent hunters. For this reason Bezos will probably stay without $ 70 billion, which is half of the total capital of 140 billion.

Followed by paparazzi

David Starks, a partner at the famous McKinley Irwin law firm in Seattle, says the law in Washington state, where Jeff and McEnnie Bezos have a residence, predicts that the spouses share all the property acquired through marriage after sharing in equal parts. Since Bezos acquired everything after 1993, when he married McKenzie, he will have to be honorably honored to share property, businesses and other valuable assets. There are, among others, Bezos shares in the companies "Amazon", "Gugl" and "Blu oridzin", the newspaper "Washington Post", as well as six luxury properties.

When considering a divorce proceeding, Bezos must distribute all property equally with his wife. He founded Amazon in 1994 and was then married for a year – said Starks, adding that if he gets half of his assets, with 70 billion dollars, he will be the fifth richest person in the world.

However, the lawyer points out that it is not known whether the couple has signed a premarital or other agreement, on the basis of which the property would otherwise be divided.

It is assumed, however, that there is no pre-contract, because Bezos married McCain when he had nothing at all. It is also thought that Bezos did not even intend to divorce, and accordingly he probably did not enter into any other agreement on the division of property with McCain.

Part of the property of the Bezos


Medina, Washington
– A villa of 20,600 square meters worth $ 10 million purchased in 1998.
– Villa of 8,300 square meters with five bedrooms and five bathrooms, of which construction costs $ 53 million
Washington DC
– A textile museum of 27,000 square meters that was built in 1916 in the luxurious Washington district. They bought it in 2016 for $ 23 million
Seattle, Washington
– The 28,700-square-meter property on Lake Washington, worth $ 28 million
New York
– The penthouse in the Sentral Park News Center in Manhattan worth $ 7.7 million that they bought in 1999.
Beverly Hills, California
– A luxury villa of $ 24.45 million purchased in 2007. The house has seven bedrooms and seven bathrooms, and it is made in a Spanish style with a tennis court, garden and pool
– A villa of 4,568 square meters worth $ 10 million purchased by 2017.
West Texas
– Land area of ​​162 hectares in the Kulberson and Hudspeth districts west of El Paso. There is a cosmodrome for space exploration of the Bezos company "Blue Oriental".


– "Amazon" – the world's most famous internet store that Bezos founded in its warehouse in Seattle in 1993. In the beginning, only books were sold through "Amazon", and now there are branches within the company for the sale of music, movies, clothing, footwear and many other products.
– "Blue Origin" – an aerospace company based in Kent, Washington State, founded by Bezos in September 2000. The company owns a large spaceship in western Texas, which is used to test and test spacecraft
– "Gugl" – Bezos is one of the first shareholders of the world's most famous Internet browser. In 1998 he invested $ 250,000 in "Gugl" and currently owns shares in that company whose value in 2017 is estimated at $ 3.1 billion.
– "Washington Post" – Bezos bought the Washington Post in 2013 for $ 250 million. The magazine is one of the most influential in the United States and was founded in 1877.

Namely, he was forced to publish the news of the divorce because the paparazzi of the famous American tabloid "Nesonel inkvajer" caught him at work. For example, the divorce decree of the billionaire announced Wednesday, only one day before the newspaper published an add-on with compromising photographs of two lovers who had not yet leaked to the internet.

According to Inquireer, their team was followed for four months by a loving couple in luxury hotels and resorts in five US states where they were secretly seen. The newspaper claims that this was the biggest investigation in the history of these newspapers.

– Bezos led a mistress at exotic destinations with his 65-million-dollar plane, sending her provocative messages and erotic selfies. They are painted together with limousines and helicopters, as well as during romantic dinners and walks through nature – says Inkvajerer.

They were family together

The newspaper says that Sanchez met Bezos four years ago when her company recorded a video for his aerosol company "Blu oridžin". Soon their families began to socialize and they became very close. During all this time Bezos and his wife appeared in public many times with Sanchez and her husband, Watshel. The last time they were seen together on Sunday at the "Amazon" party in Los Angeles on the occasion of the Golden Globes.

After the outbreak of the scandal, in an attempt to suppress rumors, both couples indicated that they had been dismantled for some time and that the connection between Bezos and Sanchez had started in that period. "Inkvajer" claims that this is not true, but that loved ones were seen behind their husbands back.

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