For the attack on Borko Stefanovic, a suspected employee of criminal Susa

For the attack on the leader of Serbian left, Borko Stefanovic, who was injured in Krusevac at the end of last month, three people are suspected, including Danijel Gmijovic Cafta, an employee of the famous Krusevo criminal Goran Obradovic Sucez, who was killed four years ago .

From Milica Vojinovic

Stefanovic discovered that Danijel Gmijovic Caft, Marko Zivkovic Buvac and former member of the Gendarmerie Milos Saponjic, nicknamed Sapa, were suspected of attacking him and two of his party colleagues. The identity of the suspect authorities is concealed because of the intention to protect them, Stefanovic said at the press conference today.

"They are suspected on the spot and arrested on the basis of recognition by police inspectors whose name I will not pronounce," said the leader of the Serbian left.

"Their lawyer tells Krusevac that they will settle down and that he will be released soon," said Stefanovic, adding that his lawyer suggested that other people suspected of belonging to the attack should be heard.

At the site of the attack, some witnesses also saw Ivan Mijailovic, head of the correctional center in Krusevac, one of the prominent members of the ruling Serbian Progressive Party, claims Stefanovic.

Stefanovic in hospital after an attack (photo: Twiter)

"It is necessary to reach the binders of this attack on us, which of course happened in an organized and prepared manner," said the leader of the Serbian left today.

Stefanovic is in progressthat all three suspects have business ties with the local businessman Goran Makragic.

Makragic is close to two famous controversial business people from Kosovo – Zvonko Veselinovic and Milan Radoicic. They are three of them together in Pirot for the illegal excavation of the gravel. Radoicic, the Kosovo authorities, is suspected of participating in the killing of Kosovo Serb leader Oliver Ivanovic.

Gmijović, Živković and Šaponjić, based on the testimony of some witnesses, saw Makragić on the day the attack took place, said Stefanović.

All three are in custody and accused of violent behavior that has led to serious bodily injury, according to documents received by KRIK journalists. A prison sentence of two to ten years in prison is imprisoned for this crime.

They were arrested on the parquet in Krusevac and denied that they participated in the attack and showed evidence for their interrogation.

It happened by chance

The suspect told the prosecutor that they happened to come to the local community where a tribune of the opposition union was held for Serbia.

Marko Zivkovic Buvac (photo: Facebook)

They walked through the city and did not even know that a political meeting was going on, they said. They said they noticed that a group of people were discussing.

"Someone from this group beat me," Gmijovic said at the hearing, while the other two said they were coming to help him.

She, as he said, retreated from the crowd in which several other people were beaten.

"I had no idea that a tribune was held that night in Rasadnik (a quarter in Kruševac), nor did I know if Borko was coming here or not, I simply walked that evening with the godfather (presumed Marko Zivkovic) and it happened quite a bit accident when a fight broke out, "said Gmijovic, adding that he did not know why he was at the hearing because he was not doing anything.

All three have been convicted earlier.

Violence in the casino

Danijel Gmijović Cafta was an associate of Goran Obradović Suša, a famous criminal from Kruševac, whose group had been smuggling drugs for years, smuggling green for years and was involved in armed bills and mistreating civilians.

Danijel Gmijović Cafta (photo: Facebook)

Together they were condemned because of events at the casino "Olimp" in the center of Kruševac in 2012.

That is, Susa lost 80,000 euros by playing roulette, after which he told the workers to return all the money he had lost – or he would "screw".

Gmijovic was then with him, who gave the workers: "You know who he is, then you will not bother to walk around freely through the city, to give the money back."

The drought then struck the beam and reached the safe, and his assistant Vladimir Nikolić Čkalja found himself in the safe and bought 50,000 euros.

All three were arrested and accused of robbery, but Olimpa's employees withdrew the statements they had given to the police and the owner of the casino & # 39; forgave & # 39; 50,000 euros and filed prosecution.

Cafta and Ckalja tried to change their guilt in their own defense. They were then sentenced to three years in prison and Susa to four.

The drought was a friend of Zvonko Veselinovic and he participated in riots in Kosovo when the border crossing of Jarinje in 2011 was on the road.

He was killed in September 2014 and murderers have not been discovered yet.

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