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GUIDE FOR FUTURE BRUSHES The cheapest tuition fee is 18,000, the most expensive is 243,500, and here the faculties and directions are MOST

Faculty of EconomicsPhoto: economic factor / promo

According to current data, state faculties will enroll 52,274 students in the following school year, while there will be room in private places for around 13,000 first-year students. Here is what college is most wanted, where tuition is the cheapest, and where it is the most expensive, what documentation to submit to the competition and other useful information for quarters that will soon be waiting for the entrance exams.


At least the least money must be allocated for the academic year on Pristina University (with temporary headquarters in Kosovska Mitrovica): 18,000 dinar costs study at the faculty of agriculture, 30,000 dinar at the faculty of Technical Sciences and 41,000 for natural sciences. Teacher costs 44, and Philosophical 48 thousand.

At the university of Niche the cheapest are studies at the Technology Faculty, 45,000, although no student has to pay for them! Yes, there are zero self-financing students and 120 are budgeted.

Faculty of Education and Agricultural University Krusevac, are also one of the cheaper ones at the University of Nis level, with their tuition at 60,000 dinars.

the Kragujevac (39,000), Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Construction in Kraljevo (40,000), Faculty of Engineering (50,000), and it is interesting that they all have a large number of budget places.

Who wants to study Novi Sad, the least money is allocated for studying at the faculty of education and teachers in Hungarian (50,000), as well as for technological (65,000 dinars).

Take a receiptPhoto: S. Krstic / RAS Serbia
Take a receipt

State University Novi Pazar there are reasonably uniform prices – the tuition fees for five faculties (Legal, Economic, Mathematical, Philosophical, Philological) amount to 50,000 dinars, the remaining three (Technical Sciences, Biomedical Sciences and Chemical Technology) cost 60,000.

The cheapest are in Belgrade Mining and Geological (57,000), Physical (60,000) and Technical-Metallurgical (66,000). At the University of Belgrade he is at the technical faculty in Bor, where the research costs 50 thousand dinars.


The tuition fee is at the level University of Belgrade The most expensive is software engineering (ETF), which amounts to 243,500 dinars. The intention is that 30 students will be able to finance the status of these studies themselves, and the remaining 150 will have to pay the fee.

Basic scientific (three-year) and integrated (five-year) studies at Architectural in Belgrade are slightly cheaper and cost 240,000. Interestingly, these courses receive considerably more students funded from the state budget than those who have to pay for their own education.

Dentistry is at the top when classification is expensive, because tuition costs 180 thousand dinars at this college. Behind him is Pharmaceutical, with a grant of 145,000.

Study at mathematical costs between 135,000 and 141,000 dinars, which have to pay 105 freshmen, while the budget will be 330 seats.

Among the more expensive ones are the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education, where the costs are 148,500 dinars, the Faculty of Organization Sciences (FON), where the scholarship is 138,000, Philological 119,000, Philosophical 118,548, Faculty of Political Sciences (FPN), between 100,000 and 110,000 dinars is.

The University of Arts, also in Belgrade, has been established in every way. Within the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, which collects 200,000 dinars (29 self-financing, 57 budget students), the applied arts faculty costs 170,000 (70 with its own funding, 75 budget), the study of fine arts costs 20,000 fewer, and for the year the faculty for music arts it is necessary to allocate 120,000.

Studies in medicine Novi Sad costs between 88 and 160 thousand, the art academy is 125,000, and the Technical Sciences faculty between 90 and 120. Others are no higher than the "one hundred".

Photo: Dejan Božić / RAS Serbia

The Faculty of Arts is also located in Niche, or the most expensive of this university. The year costs 120,000 dinars, and medical studies in this city cost between 100,000 and 120,000 dinars. The Sports faculty costs 100 thousand, and all other tuition fees at the University of Nis are five-digit.

At the university of Kragujevac No direction costs more than 90,000, which costs studying hotel tourism and tourism in Vrnjacka Banja, except studies at the faculty of philology and art, where the price of the scholarship varies from 60,000 to 170,000 dinars.

Studying art is also the most expensive at Prishtina University, with a temporary seat in it Kosovska Mitrovicaand it costs a hundred thousand round. 22 self-financing students receive this faculty and 26 are financed from the state budget.

Who increased the tuition fee

When it comes to tuition fees, the price of most faculties is the same as last year and five faculties have decided to raise prices: economic, legal, traffic engineering, mechanical and teachers.

The highest increase in tuition is at the faculty of transport, where students spent 90,000 dinars a year last year, now they have to pay 108,000 dinars. In Mašinski the price has risen from 66,000 dinar to 72,000 dinar, from economic 85,000 to 90,000 dinar, from legal 95,000 to 99,000 dinar, while teacher & # 39; s price jumped from 99,000 to 102,000 dinars.


As Blic recently wrote, taking into account the interest of the students in previous years, the biggest enrollment time will be at the ETF, FON, the medical faculty, the direction of psychology in the philosophical and IT direction in mathematics. These faculties are the most difficult to register because there is the biggest competition.

– What is certainly interesting and the trend in recent years is the greatest interest in IT directions, psychology and medicine. Interest in economics and law has fallen – most of the time it is enrolled, and most of these faculties no longer fill all vacancies – recently explained Željko Skenderović of Infostud, and indicated that last year for psychology A total of 414 candidates took part in 88 places.

FON is still a favorite among students because they can quickly find a job after graduation. That is why this faculty was a real wave last year, with 2,059 candidates in 820 places.

– In Medical We have many years of crowds, where future students wait in line to submit an application. And this year will be the first battle for enrollment, because literally two students go to one place. Our faculty can only enroll 500 students, of which the first 450 from the rankings enter the budget, and the other 50 are self-financing, and we always have twice as many requests as we accept – said Blic for teaching at the medical faculty in Belgrade. . Petar Bulat.

A lot of attention was also paid to the mathematics faculty, in particular in the IT field, and in 2018 a total of 912 candidates applied for the computer science course, with this study being the first wish for 610 candidates, of whom all 160 free spots.

State and private universities

According to the data from the Ministry of Education, the number of proposed cleaning places for enrollment in basic studies 2019/20. At the universities founded by Serbia, including Vojvodina, it is: on the budget – 29,461 and the self-financing – 22,813, which means that a total of 52,274 index will be allocated.

Maturants who do not register with a state faculty wait around 13,000 indices at private universities.

Faculty of philosophy in BelgradePhoto: M. R. / RAS Serbia
Faculty of philosophy in Belgrade

Conditions and scoring

Anyone who has completed a four-year high school can register for the faculty and the achievement of the index depends on the success in high school and the results of the entrance exam. The maximum number of points that the future first-year student can achieve is 100, and this 40 points provides excellent success in high school, and 60 points all correct answers to the entrance exam.

Candidates based on high school success can have a minimum of 16 and a maximum of 40 points, while the prize can be won from 0 to 60 points.

To enter the budget, you must earn at least 51 points and self-finance for 30 points. However, this also depends on the number of places in the faculty and it happens that the brothers with a large number of points do not fall into the budget.

Faculty of Medicine in Novi SadPhoto: Robert Getel / RAS Serbia
Faculty of Medicine in Novi Sad

However, if a student is outstanding in an area, he has won one of the first three prizes in third and fourth class in a republic or international competition – he does not have to take the admission. He gets the maximum number of points written down as if he has passed the entrance exam without errors.

Students who do not register within this deadline will receive a new chance in the September registration period at the faculties where the places stay. Some faculties ask for a third term.

Even those who are late for the exam cannot borrow or be ranked, regardless of how many points they have. The problem is if the candidate does not have proof of identity (ID card or passport) and each candidate must have a slip with a registration number, which must be received when registering for the receiving and blue ballpoint pen, which will solve the test.

Photo: Dusan Milenkovic / RAS Serbia

The use of additional accessories – such as mobile phones or other similar devices – is prohibited. On the candidate table it can only have accessories that are available from the service staff, which is required for taking the exam – which depends on the faculty of the faculty.

It is not allowed to keep food on the table, talk to other candidates or go to the toilet, while this is permitted in special cases – supervised by teachers.

To be able to apply, candidates need the following in the documentation:

– Testimonials for each grade of high school

– Graduate Diploma Examination

– Proof of payment of the fee for receiving the receipt

– Diplomas of the competition.

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