‘I asked him if he believed me, and he said,’ I believe, sir. ” And then …

“We welcome Hoffenheim home and anything is possible. As long as there is an opportunity to do that, why not. But again, we shouldn’t lower the watch because nothing is 100 percent complete. But with this approach, desire, will and organization. ., we have the right to hope for anything “, Stankovic said at the post-game press conference when asked if Zvezda could reach first place.

The star beat Gent in Belgium 2: 0 and two to the end, it is certain that they will qualify for the next stage of the Europa League.

It is followed by a duel with Hoffenheim, which can decide first place in Pool L, as the Serbian club has three points less than the German.

Stankovic was asked how he feels as the first coach in Zvezda’s history to win on Belgian soil.

“Phenomenal. Together with the boys. It’s fun to win with Zvezda, to make history, it’s the dream of everyone who comes to Crvena Zvezda, whether manager, coach or player, everyone likes it. We can’t live without each other. I’m glad we are. a gathering of people with a common goal. Step by step we are moving towards pride and history “, Stankovic replied.

The journalists were curious how Aleksa Vukanović reacted when he learned that he would play in an unusual position for him.


“I believe him, I told him after Vojvodina that he would play there, be mentally ready and be careful during practice. He played perfectly. I asked him if he believed me, he replied, ‘I believe, sir.’ a phenomenal job for the team. You saw the change during half time “, Stanković stated.

When it comes to Njegos Petrovic, Stankovic said he has a brilliant career ahead of him.

“Njegos is like the whole team, no one can jump out alone. The team hits an individual. The boys played a difficult, tactical game, with a lot of sacrifice. I am happy for him because he played in a difficult position against a strong opponent. This is a confirmation of the man. who will make a brilliant career “, Stankovic said.

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